The auction advertisement competition is more and more big how do we face

fourth is a continuous optimization test. You can use different titles, different ideas, different display site for testing. To see what effect is the best.

is the third competitors. Your data changes, one important reason is the competition ranking, creative change. Remember Zhao Bingquan when it was time to attend a lecture, an entity doing emphasizes the boss. If own turnover has a problem, that is the main reason may be competitors getting better. In the auction, the competition ranking will affect your ranking competition ranking, creative will affect your click rate. Promotion of competitors will affect your conversion rate. So when the data changes, first look at the competition has not changed, and then see if you have a problem. Author Zhao Bingquan, please indicate. read more

Shanghai Dragon Master tips keyword selection skill

for keywords understanding must be based on the habits, website keywords are generally words and brand products or provide services such as words, these are some more professional some more general flooding, if you want to understand this is the side information when input what general words? The most direct word is the most effective, such as website to watch sales. If you can put " watch " the word do the first of course the best, but this is not the best one, the first competition, the second is the correlation is not necessarily strong, many people may just want to search some watches introduced most of these information flow is invalid, if users want to buy a watch, they will be more likely to search for " " " XX watch price; price & brand watches Quot; these words, these words of competition is relatively small, do good position time costs may be low, bring traffic also will be more accurate, that is to say the high price. read more