first_imgBILL NEAL :10 ATTENTION…­AT­TEN­TION…THE RUMORED death of your Pittsburgh Steelers has been greatly exaggerated, and that of one Mr. Hines Ward equally so as well!:09 Don’t bury Rashard Mendenhall just yet, but Isaac Redman has plastic bags and shovels in the trunk of his car. (For you Ex “Single A and “Double A” high school boys), the point is the quickest way to the end zone is straight ahead!! :08 Ok, now I just want to ask this question. And I don’t mean no harm. But ya’ll do know that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!!! I am just saying… see what happened was—I was at this party—you know, the Champions First Friday “Par-Tay”, and this woman had on _ _ _ _ oh never mind, forget it! Oh shut-up you were there, you saw her!):07 Here’s something for you to think about. Who in fact is the NCAA and where does all the money go. All these colleges … all these games. Not just basketball and football but all the sports, and all the tournaments, and all the sponsors, and the T.V. contracts and they can’t pay the athletes? C’mon Man !!!:06 NOTE TO ALL COLLEGE STUDENT ATHLETES. If you want to get paid…go on strike! Hell it worked for everybody else.:05 In the Locker Room this week. The good folks down at Highmark…My good friend Evan Frazier, my new best friend Neil Parham, my ex-best friend Alex Matthews and my long time buddy Ms. Yvonne Cook. Thanks for reading “Overtime.”:04 Back to the Steelers (try to keep up Fifth Ave­nue grads, let’s not get it twisted). No. 1—you got to have holes to run the ball and No. 2 if the $100 million dollar quarterback gets rid of the ball quickly he won’t get sacked. Way to go “O”-Line and “O”-Coordinator.:03 After my awesome Top Ten Finest Ladies on the planet list the ladies at the Courier wanted a Top Ten Men’s Lists…No!!:02 Hey somebody get the other guy on the phone. You know, the guy the Pitt football team hired before he went postal on his ex. C’mon you know who I am talking about. Man, what’s his name…boy we forget quick. Anyway get him ASAP cause this guy they got now has gone from high octane to plug in hybrid!:01 Get ready. The 36th Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh & Allegheny MVP Awards Banquet is coming at ya on Dec. 5 at the magnificent LeMont Restaurant. European Basketball star J.R. Holden, Shadyside Acad­emy Starr Reggie Mitchell and a host of others to be announced will be honored. It will truly be the “NITE OF THE CHAMPIONS.” Now look, tickets for the banquet are $65 so my brothers and sisters you’re going to half to cut back on them rib’s at J.T.’s…I didn’t say cut out, I said cut back…luv ya J.T.)“DOUBLE OVERTIME”:00 I would say R.I.P. Al Davis (owner/president of the Oakland Raiders) but as much hell as you gave us that’s gonna be easier said than done.“TRIPLE OVERTIME”.00 All I am trying to say is “Skinny Jeans” are for skinny people…that’s why they’re called “skinny jeans.”~ Game Over ~last_img

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