Lizarazu adds gasoline to the fire: “Benzema expresses his frustration”

first_img🎙 @BixeLizarazu south @RTLFrance : «Karim Benzema expresses a frustration for rapport à l’équipe de France. Ce qu’il fait à Madrid est extraordinaire, et il ne peut pas le faire avec les Bleus. Mais Giroud en fait les frais, et il n’y est pour rien. »– RTLFoot (@RTLFoot) April 11, 2020The controversy between Benzema and Giroud is the last chapter in a convulsive relationship between the Real Madrid player and his team. Everything was broken with the Valbuena case, which involved the white striker in an alleged extortion case against his teammate and caused his departure from the bleus. Since then, two camps were created in France: the Benzemistas, who did not understand how a player of the category and the Madridista statistics were not with France, and antiBenzemistas, who did not share some of Karim’s attitudes and statements and strongly supported Deschamps in his decision not to summon him. The World Cup calmed the debate, but the division remains … The fire that generated the last friction between Benzema and Giroud does not go out in France. The fire was caused by statements by the Real Madrid striker on Instagram on March 30, in which he hinted at his former teammate on the French national team. Asked if the Chelsea player was better than him, Benzema shot metaphor: “We cannot confuse a Formula 1 with a kart. I am kind to him, but I am Formula 1… ”. A comparison that rekindled the wick of the controversy and forced Karim to post a video on his social networks: “I simply told the truth. But they did not remember what I said about his contribution to the French team. They remember when I said it was a Formula 1 and he practiced karting. But it’s the truth, that’s what I think. If you compare me to Ronaldo, the Brazilian, he is Formula 1 and I go karting.Well, almost two weeks later, this misunderstanding is still being talked about in France. This Saturday, Bixente Lizarazu, A former French international, he positioned himself in this matter pointing to Benzema. “Karim expresses his frustration at his relationship with the France team. What he does in Madrid is extraordinary, and he cannot do it with the Blues. Giroud is paying the price and has nothing to do with it …” he said on RTL .last_img

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