The Key to Christianizing Liberia: Wipe Out Witchcraft!

first_imgThe House of Representatives is to be commended for approving seven key propositions for the Referendum scheduled to be voted upon in the forthcoming presidential and general elections.We are sorry that they dropped Dual Citizenship—why? We do not know. But we have always maintained that Dual Citizenship would be good for Liberia because it would bring to the country many advantages that several other countries around the world, notably the State of Israel, are enjoying.Remember that just as God warned Israel many times that they would be scattered to the four corners of the earth, indeed they were. But He also promised to bring them back to the land of their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And the Israelites have indeed come back, thanks to Dual Citizenship, which has made Israel the most advanced nation in the entire Middle East. Because of Israel, many Middle Eastern nations have been striving to catch up with their arch enemy, Israel and, as a result, so many Middle Eastern countries are steadily being modernized.We continue to think that Liberia could benefit handsomely from Dual Citizenship, and we hope and pray that in the next administration the subject will resurrect and then be favorably voted in referendum so that our country may begin to reap the benefits of this initiative.We thank the House further for proposing in the Referendum the reduction in the tenure of Representatives, Senators and the President. The tenure for the President, Vice President and Representatives, according to the proposal, would be reduced from six to four years; while that of Senators’ would be reduced from nine to six years.We consider this decision by the House to be most reasonable, patriotic and selfless, and we trust that the Senate will follow suit by voting likewise.But the main point of this Editorial is to state that though we think the House did not go far enough, Members are to be sincerely thanked for putting “on hold” the issue of declaring Liberia “a Christian state.”The House, we strongly believe, should have simply thrown out this terribly divisive and totally unnecessary proposition.It would be very interesting and revealing to know WHO on Gloria Scott’s Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) was behind this proposition. Who in that Committee thought themselves wiser than the Founding Fathers who, though ALL of them were Christians, clearly stated in the Constitution of 1847 that NO religion would take precedence over another in Liberia. That constitutional provision laid the foundation for religious harmony in our country. Without this, Liberia would have far sooner than 1989 exploded into civil war—why? Because there was already the ethnic divide, precipitated by the exclusion of the vast majority of the population, the indigenous people, from the body politic. To have made Christianity constitutionally the preferred religion in the republic would definitely have raised the red flag of tension and disunity, and peace would have much sooner been seriously undermined. So who are you to be so presumptuous as to think that you are smarter than the Fore Fathers: We challenge you to come out of your closet and tell us who you really are!The majority of the Liberian Christian community, including the Liberian Council of Churches and major religious bodies, including the first two, the Baptists and Methodists, the Episcopal and several of the Pentecostal churches, have already rejected this proposition. What we at the Daily Observer most lament about these leading Christian bodies, indeed all Christian bodies in Liberia, is their reluctance founded probably on timidity (fearfulness) to confront head-on the crippling, even deadly demon of witchcraft prevalent among Liberians. Only last week we heard the story of how a Kru father in Monrovia flatly and vigorously REFUSED the invitation of his close relatives in Sinoe County to send his daughter there for a visit. Why? “Do you want to kill my daughter as you have killed so many of our relatives when they visited you?” he asked. “My daughter was raised in the Settler environment in Monrovia, and in Monrovia she will remain. I am not sending her to you to die.”Yes, we know that many leading politicians, too, whether or not they have Settler connections, engage in witchcraft. But that is the problem. Witchcraft is so pervasive in the Republic that the people are crying out for religious, most especially Christian intervention to drive witchcraft from Liberia.How can this be done? It can be done through concerted, intense, widespread evangelistic campaigns to get Liberians to understand that the blood of Jesus ALONE, with its emphasis on faith in Almighty God, brother and sisterly love, forgiveness and reconciliation, can save Liberia and help her to move forward in peace, progress and development.These are the true bases of good governance that can propel Liberia into pristine glory and greatness.Can our churches rise to this challenge to evangelize Liberia and drive out from our borders the crippling, debilitating wickedness of witchcraft that has snuffed out so many thousands of innocent lives through ritualistic and other killings? It remains to be seen whether our churches have the courage to rise to this urgent challenge. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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