World Cup diary: Henderson shocked, best game ever and searching for Ozil

first_img 6 The laughs the team in Sochi had were brilliant, and they carried on after I went to Moscow and they went to Rostov. Some of the stuff is unprintable, but this picture of Matt and the subsequent captions we all threw in had us in stitches. “Matt pretending he’s good enough to play for Spain” was my best contribution. See if you can provide your own. Adrian’s a big fan of his T-shirt. Surprisingly, he’s not the only one… England played Monday, and I hosted the build up show with England international Eni Aluko from a Liverpool pub in Moscow, and it was a great laugh. I’ve known Eni a while, and have so much respect for her. It was very enjoyable, especially when Goughie, soaking up the World Cup with the rest of the UK back home, expressed his astonishment that I took time to write a letter home to my wife. “Just send a text!” was his reply. And they say romance is dead… “If I could marry a football match…. it would be this one” 👰🤵Adrian Durham got very emotional during last nights #PORESP match! 😂#TSWorldCup | @talkSPORTDrive— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) June 16, 2018If ever you get a little bit tired of football then stick this game on, and enjoy. Quite simply the best game I’ve ever seen live, and I don’t think anything will top it. We came off air at midnight, got back to the hotel, all of us pumped up with adrenaline, and couldn’t sleep til gone 2am. Not great when the alarm went off at 6 to catch a flight to Moscow!Good to see talkSPORT reporter Kelly Somers out in Sochi as well, she’s working for TV at this World Cup. 6 6 Apologies for the lack of diary, it’s been manic here!Since I last posted an entry into this World Cup diary, (before the tournament kicked off!) I’ve been to England’s base in Repino, left St Petersburg for the sunny seaside of Sochi, and I’m now based in Moscow.So let’s recap as much as possible. It’s been an absolute whirlwind and a total blast – I’ve loved every second.Let’s start with Repino, where England are living: a tranquil spot in the west, a couple of hours drive from the Finnish border. Very quiet, and quite chilly at times while I was there. Some journalists told me they’d been there 24 hours and needed to move to St Petersburg (around 45 minutes drive away) to re-connect with civilisation.Interviewed Jordan Henderson while I was there – I broke the news to him as he came off the training field that the Spain manager had been sacked – he briefly broke out of “captain’s interview” mode to express shock, I think he almost laughed a shock laugh. Oh and I also took this absolutely amazing photograph of Eric Dier. England weren’t perfect, but they won, and that’s all that matters. I’ll take an imperfect performance and a win in every game at the World Cup. If that happens, England will win the thing…talkSPORT are with listeners all day and all night at this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with more than 800 hours of World Cup content and all 64 games live across the talkSPORT network. Kelly Somers, Matt Holland and Ian Danter center_img Adrian Durham is writing a diary for throughout the World Cup as he presents the Drivetime show from Russia.Here, in his latest entry, he reflects on the greatest game he’s ever seen live and reveals how he left Jordan Henderson shocked, while he still can’t locate Mesut Ozil… Eli and Ade keep talkSPORT staff entertained 6 Eric Dier stops and talks to the press after an England training session 6 Next morning – the opening day of the tournament – I did the breakfast show with Alan Brazil, who was in London, and a Moscow-based Ally McCoist. It was a great laugh, with Alan stuck in the Cold War doom and gloom thinking we’re all about to get carted off to Siberia in the middle of the night out here. It’s brilliant here, they even have champagne, Alan. The word is the big man is seriously regretting not coming out.So after the show I flew to Sochi, which was scorching sunshine, and met up with the commentary team of Matt Holland and Ian Danter, and producer Dec, and fixer Will, who happens to be Iain Dowie’s son. Will is studying Russian at Leeds Uni, and he’s a top lad. My son wants to study Russian at Leeds so we had plenty to talk about. We eventually got onto the subject of football and I asked if he was any good. His reply: “I’m like my dad but without the talent.” And he claims he once scored an own goal like the famous one his dad scored, but topped it by giving away two penalties and getting sent off. Chip off the old block!The beach in Sochi is magnificent, I had a swim in the Black Sea, which was spectacularly refreshing, and then it was on to the game. And what a game: Portugal 3 Spain 3. Isco was perfect, Ronaldo imperious, and I ended up wanting to marry a game of football. On arrival in Moscow I greeted the driver, Slava, with the Russian for “Hi!” – “Privyet.” He laughed out loud, and returned the greeting. I later learned it’s a greeting for people you know well, hence his laughter. At least I tried.In Moscow I was reunited with my producer Emma, and immediately had to prepare for a six-hour show from our Moscow studio hosting around two games – Peru 0-1 Denmark, and Croatia 2-0 Nigeria. To say I was shattered was an understatement.Sunday was the day Brazil flopped and Germany lost – and I think we all realised this World Cup was turning into one of the best ever. Can’t believe Neymar bottled that free kick at the end and I’m still searching for Mesut Ozil!Ray Parlour arrived in Moscow, always a good laugh, so we stayed up chatting and catching up, meeting up with broadcasting colleagues Pat Nevin and Ian Dennis, who’s been a close friend of mine for 25 years. We used to work in Leeds together as cub football reporters, and we made the dreams come true. He’s a good lad. Pat was impressed with my Smiths T-shirt, but even more impressed with the Big Country T-shirt I had been wearing earlier in the day. Probably because they’re one of Scotland’s finest bands ever, the wife and I love Big Country and go to see them regularly. Last time was in Paisley when they did a gig with The Skids for the first time ever. Had a great time. 6last_img

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