A farmer’s promise and a farm wife’s revenge

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest When corn was up above the eight dollar mark,Our relationship still had a red hot spark.Cash was a flowin’ and the bank account full,The markets kept feeding that corn hungry bull. One day my wife asked if we could knock down a wall,And add to our house which she thought was too small.I told her we would but first things come first,We needed new farm gear, since ours was the worst. I will build you more room, I told her with glee,After we get that tractor, I thought honestly.But after that buy, I must’ve been bored,‘Cause I then built a place for the tractor to be stored. Those new wheels have a nicer place than me to reside,My wife yelled at me, thinking I had lied.I promised again about the addition,Which would include a new porch and a chef’s dream kitchen. But before I did that my truck got unruly,So I went to the dealer and got a new dually.The addition then started, see it was no mirage,After all I now needed a three car garage. First the combine, tractor and truck…what’s next,She sent me in a surly, well thought out text.When I replied to her plea the answer just sank her,For I had just hung up with our once friendly banker. Corn markets quickly slipped back to just over four,And our funds soon followed suit to just over poor.The house does seem bigger now from where I can see,Thank God this shed has heated floors and a big screen T.V.last_img

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