New Law Makes It Harder for Saudi Men to Marry Moroccan

Fez- Saudi men will no longer have the freedom to marry as many women as they please.A new rule introduced in the Saudi legislation makes it harder for Saudi men to marry a Moroccan woman, as they will need to obtain the written approval of their first wife before their second marriage.The Saudi daily Makkah newspaper quoted the director of the Mecca Police, Major General Assaf Qurashi as saying that, in addition of obtaining the approval of his first wife, an applicant who is already married to a Saudi woman must attach a medical report on the status of his wife, confirming that she is sick, disabled, or cannot give birth. The new regulation imposes tough conditions on marrying women outside of the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), and goes as far as banning Saudi men from marrying women from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Chad and Burma.

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