March 27April 2 Must See Cultural Events

Rabat – Each week, Morocco has a comprehensive cultural plan. Read our listing to discover some of the most interesting cultural happenings taking place this week in the kingdom.Cinema Human Rights “3000 Nights”:The ARMCDH program, as part of its monthly activities devoted to the promotion of human rights through cinema, will screen the Palestinian film “3000 nights” directed by Mai Masri. The screening will be followed by a debate on the film’s themes. 3000 nights centres around a young Palestinian woman in an Israeli prison as she fights to protect her newborn son and ensure his survival. 3000 nights is a powerful portrayal of hope, bravery and strength.Screening Dates and Locations: Thursday March 30- 6.30 pm, at the Cinémathèque du CCM-Rabat Friday March 31 – 6.30pm at the Cultural Center ‘Les étoiles’- Casablanca Tuesday April 4 – 8pm at the Cinéma la Renaissance – Rabat Thursday April 6 – 6:30 pm at Kenitra’s Cultural CenterFor more information check ArmcdhViolin and Piano Concert:Two Moroccan musicians, Mohammed El Hachoumi on violin and Reda Bennani on piano, will revive the expressive and inventive opuses of the Romantic Era in a performance of compositions of some of the era’s most celebrated composers, namely: Brahms, Massenet, Mendelssohn and Bartok.  The concert will take place on April 1, at the BNRM library, Rabat.For more information check with Reda Bennani.Pakistani Food Festival – Casablanca & Marrakech:Hotel chain “Mogador Hotels & Resorts” invites the public to come and discover Pakistani cuisine in all its forms in the first edition of the Pakistani Food Festival.The festival will consist of meetings and discoveries of “the best Pakistani culinary traditions,” where Pakistani chefs invite the public to an “unforgettable gustative journey” through Pakistani traditional dishes. The food is specially prepared for the occasion and served in the hotels’ restaurants, particularly Mogador Hotel Agdal Marrakech from March 29 to 31, and the Grand Mogador Hotel Casablanca from April 1 to 3.The festival also includes the opportunity to discover the Pakistani culture through dance and vocal concerts throughout the event, and “many surprises for the visitors.”For more information check Mogador Hotels & Resorts.Africultures at the HEM Campus Fez:In the framework of establishing cultural exchanges between Morocco and African-Sub-Saharan countries, an Intercultural event under the theme “Africa without borders”, will take place on April 1 at the HEM campus in Fez. The event is part of an effort to strengthen the ties between Morocco and Sub Saharan Africa.For more information check Help4Life.Marrakech Dance Festival Fourth Edition 2017:The 4th Annual Marrakech Dance Festival invites you to enjoy a variety of dance genres including Hip Hop, Dancehall, Popping, Locking, House and Top Rock.It also offers an intensive week of dance classes, workshops, conferences, battles, parties and other suprises, supervised by internationally renowned teachers: Kevin Paradox, Kapela, Audrey Bosc, Nelson, Willow Evann, Rafa, Malika Benjelloun, Babson, Blacka Di Danca, Andrey Boyko, Houssni Mijem.The festival is intended to be a place of creative exchange. The last three editions hosted participants of all ages from countries all over the world. It will take place from March 27 to April 2 at the Hotel Farah Marrakech.For more information check MARRAKECH DANCE FESTIVAL.Earth Friends:The High Atlas Foundation will host Earth Friends with the aim of offering an opportunity for people from different walks of life to come together and forge bonds. The event hopes to educate visitors about cultural diversity in the Marrakesh region, as well as raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. It will take place April 2, at the High Atlas Foundation, Marrakech. For more information check Earth Friends.Asi balia Jerez:Isi balia Jerez is “a breathtaking show,” which will be performed by Jerez dancer, Maria del Mar Moreno, with her extreme sensitivity and strong academic background. As a dancer, she represents “the most authentic and traditional” school of her native land while being well engaged in her time. She is also an acclaimed singer, performer, and a flamenco teacher. The event will take place March 30, in Studio Des Arts Vivants Theater in Casablanca.For more information check  Le Studio Des Arts Vivants THEATRE.If you would like to see your event in our Cultural Agenda, feel free to email us at [email protected] ensure inclusion, please include the date, time, a brief description of the event, and a link to more information.  We look forward to hearing about unique and diverse events for our weekly listing.

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