CDE Global and SNF tieup on mined material water treatment solutions

first_imgSupplier of washing plants and systems for mined materials, CDE Global, has recently announced an official alliance with the world’s largest manufacturer of organic coagulants and synthetic flocculants, SNF (UK) Ltd. CDE said that the partnership will ultimately allow it “to continue to provide customers with an unrivalled level of aftersales service for those who deal with solids liquid separation, foam control and waste water treatment processes.”  CDE and SNF will work closely together during commissioning phase to ensure that the end user has a suitable and efficient water treatment solution on site which provides the best results possible in terms of the re-use of water following chemical treatment.CDE CustomCare Manager Martin Jackson comments, “We are delighted to be working closely with SNF UK Ltd and are excited by the opportunities that this close partnership will provide in the future in terms of allowing us to continue to meet and exceed our customer expectations. For us, the customer experience is key; working together with SNF enhances this overall experience for our customers as a complete solution is now available. Our customers effectively now have a single point of contact with the comfort of knowing that CDE have taken full ownership of this responsibility. We use the latest innovative technology in terms of water treatment solutions, where we continuously look to provide our customers with world beating products. Working with a leading manufacturer of polymer is the perfect way to deliver our promise.”By working with SNF, CDE now has access to expert SNF chemists which will enable a support network to be established when dealing with issues associated with anti-foam, sludge, and dosage levels.  The partnership will ensure that numerous samples are taken before commissioning starts, to ensure the right polymer can be recommended, with findings produced in a documented lab report. This proactive approach will ensure there is no time lost during the commissioning phase, enabling CDE customers to turn the key on their plant at the earliest opportunity.Martin Jackson, CDE CustomCare Manager highlights, “Our existing customer base see the value in this partnership and we’re confident that it will generate the results and efficiencies that they want from the outset.” Following commissioning of the water treatment plant, SNF will then take additional samples to ensure that the chosen polymer is performing as it should, ensuring continuous performance monitoring to enable process optimisation at all times. Detailed performance reporting, aftersales performance monitoring, fully equipped laboratories across the UK and facilities for plant testing trials collectively make SNF the chosen polymer supplier for CDE.Rob Long, Industrial Business Manager at SNF comments, “We have an unrivalled understanding of customers’ requirements and through our extensive product research and development facilities, we have a continuous commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service and quality product support within the world of solid liquid separation technology. CDE are market leaders in water treatment technology so in this respect, we are pleased to be associated with them and we look forward to helping them in delivering many successful projects in the future.”  As with the CDE CustomCare Team, SNF have an experienced on-site technical and engineering service support network.  Field based technicians and local test lab facilities will ensure a quick response rate in terms of results for customer feedback and resolution.last_img

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