ASOBAL budgets 13 teams united like Barca

3.500.000Atletico de Madrid After German and French budget, amount of money in Spanish club is presented. On the TOP is F.C Barcelona with budget as 13 others team in ASOBAL together! ASOBAL budgethandball budgets 500.000SD Octavio Vigo 1.120.000BM Valladolid 1.100.000Ademar Leon 380.000CB Palma del Rio 800.000BM Huesca 370.000FDM Cangas 8.000.000FC Barcelona 270.000BM Villa de Aranda 600.000Helvetia Anaitasuna 500.000BM Guadalajara 600.000BM Ciudad Encantada 400.000BM Granollers 400.000BM Puerto Sagunto 700.000BM Aragon 1.600.000Ciudad Logrono ← Previous Story Igor Vori misses only the World Championship in Spain Next Story → Mladen Rakcevic back to playing after six months

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