Sony delay switching PSN back on again free games to be offered

first_imgAt a press conference held in Japan late last week Sony said that at least some PSN services would be back up and running within a week. A statement backed up by Howard Stringer confirming we’d see something happen “in the coming days”. It has been a week and that has failed to happen. Sony has acknowledged as much in a post on the official PlayStation blog.The reason given by Sony is the same as it has been for weeks now: nothing will be back online until the company is sure the new security measures it has put in place work. The news that SOE had also been hacked earlier this week put the schedule back further, hence the longer than expected delay.To rush this process could see the network hacked again putting Sony in even more trouble with gamers and governments around the world. Continued downtime just adds to the frustration being experienced by users, though, and it looks like Sony is realizing it needs to do something about this on a market-by-market basis. MCV has stated Sony is now set to offer gamers across Europe at least two free digital games.There will be a choice of five PS3 titles from which two can be chosen by each PSN account holder. Alternatively, PSP owners will get a choice of two from a selection of four games. There’s no detail yet on what those games are or what the eligibility for downloading them for free will be. It may be limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers, for example.If we were Sony then that offer would come with a time delay before being available. You don’t want millions of users logging in and attempting to download free games the first day PSN is back online. You want them to login and use the system for a few days as normal before that happens.Although not confirmed, free games in Europe probably means free games in the U.S. as well.Read more at PlayStation.Blog, via MCVlast_img

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