Fake Bad Piggies app lures 80000 Chrome users into installing malware

first_imgWant to play Bad Piggies in your browser? Well, you can’t. And if someone claims to offer you an installer that does let you get in on the contraption-building fun, you’re being smoked — just like 80,000+ Google Chrome users were. Worse still, they didn’t have to travel to some untrusted third-party website to find the malicious Bad Piggies apps. They were easy to find on the Chrome Web Store just a few days ago.It seems as though the Store is becoming a popular destination for fraudsters. It’s been less than a month since a number of malicious Facebook Timeline extensions popped up, snaring even more unsuspecting Chrome users. Just like last month, it was Barracuda Networks that once again spotted the malicious apps. Barracuda located at least 7 malicious extensions trying to push themselves using Bad Piggies keywording, and just like last time Google has already responded to the report and taken down the offenders.These outbreaks are a bit unsettling considering Google promised to crack down on malicious extensions just this summer. New mechanisms were put in place that were supposed to monitor freshly-submitted extensions for malicious behaviors, but clearly some underhanded developers have found ways around those additional checks.Granted, in terms of Chrome’s total user base 170,000 users isn’t all that many. With a total user base of more than 300 million, this is a drop in the bucket. There’s also a decent chance for plenty of overlap between the Bad Piggies victims and the 90,000 who bit on the Facebook Timeline hoax.Nevertheless, it should be easy enough to prevent this sort of malicious opportunism. Keeping tabs on glaring trademark violations, for example, might be helpful. And Google certainly knows plenty about scanning its data for copyright and trademark violations.More at Barracuda Networkslast_img

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