Take a tour of the new Google Maps with Earth view and

first_imgAt the end of the Maps section of the presentation the speaker zoomed out from San Francisco’s skyline so you could see all of San Francisco, and then all of California, and then all of the Earth. At the point the perspective was rotated around so that eventually the Sun was behind the Earth, at which point the Earth went dark — you were seeing the night side of our planet. The effect was incredibly cool and it goes to show the level of effort Google is putting into expanding what Maps is and what it can do.After that the speaker had a quick “by the way” moment. The clouds on the Earth? They weren’t just for show, they are being updated in real-time and reflect the actual cloud patterns over the Earth right now.So, yes, Google’s venerable Maps has been updated and it’s pretty incredible. The new version addresses obvious problems, like blank street names, makes Maps much more impressive when you are fully zoomed in or out, and it leverages the power of Google to help you find locations that your friends like and that you should enjoy. It’s an even more Google-y version of Maps. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Google Maps buildingsGoogle Maps buildingsMaps layersThe new look!Google Maps SFGoogle Maps SFGoogle Maps restaurantMaps BeforeMaps afterNotice the street names have been included on all the roads on the route.Maps directionsMaps public transitAerial viewAerial view St Peter’sInside St Peter’sAerial view, zoomed outAerial view, very zoomed outSun behind the EarthLarry!More Larry! Today during the Google I/O keynote, Google unveiled the new Maps for desktop. Google Maps is getting a complete overhaul, along with clever new features and a number of new capabilities. It’s the sort of refresh that only Google could bring to a product launch, with the scale of the announcement ranging from better ways to find a coffee shop by you to an incredible new view of the entire Earth.The new Google Maps is rolling out today, but only for the desktop and only for a select for individuals. It will be coming to everyone else soon and to mobile systems this summer. In case you don’t have it yet, you can check out our gallery above for walk through Google’s entire presentation.Highlights from the announcement include:Personalized mapsThe addition of street names to unnamed street when Google recognizes they will be on your routeCard-style UIProminent 5-star rating system with Zagat included for restaurantsGoogle Earth view with aerial style maps and 45-degree viewRelated suggestions (if you like restaurant x, you’ll probably like y)New view for uploaded images and street view (see below)last_img

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