Sony decided on the PS4 price just before its E3 event

first_imgIt looks as though Microsoft announcing the price of the Xbox One at the end of their E3 event was a big mistake. The reason why is because Sony got to know what price their competition was going to sell at before their event, and apparently they adjusted accordingly.Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann has been told that Sony didn’t have a set price in mind for the PS4 ahead of their E3 event, just a ball park figure. But as soon as they heard how much Xbox One would sell for they decided to not just beat it by a small margin, but come in $100 cheaper. That’s a huge selling point and marketing win for the company.Sony has denied this is the case, stating that both the lack of used games restrictions, Internet check-in requirement, and price were all decided well before yesterday’s event. I can believe that for the used games and phone home feature as they would require a lot of planning and the involvement of partner companies to make work. But the price? That must have been flexible right up until the last minute yesterday.Microsoft’s price announcement actually looked like a bit of an afterthought, and you have to wonder if it was something they’d just been toying with announcing or not. They must be regretting that decision now, though, as it has given Sony something with which to market the PS4. It also pretty much guarantees Sony can always be cheaper than Microsoft’s console unless of course Xbox One gets a sudden, big price drop to match PS4. Not likely, right?last_img

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