State vehicle emission tests to end

first_imgAside from a trip to the Department of Licensing, there are few rituals associated with owning a car that people probably enjoy less than getting their vehicle’s emissions tested.Vancouver drivers can rejoice, but not too much. In just a few years, the program is going away entirely. But until then, getting your older car tested in Vancouver is going to get a little less convenient.The Washington State Vehicle Emission Inspection station in Salmon Creek opened in 1993, the same year smog testing came to Clark County. It’s scheduled to close permanently on June 3. Its operations are being transferred to the state’s other testing station on Northeast 136th Avenue in east Vancouver.The facility’s parking lot and four bays sat empty, save the vehicles that trickled in one at a time, on Wednesday afternoon.Only about 140 cars per day come to this station, with more rolling in at the end of the month just before registration tabs are renewed, said Anne Hagerty of Applus+ Technologies Inc., the company that operates the testing stations.“And every year, we test fewer cars,” she said, referencing the fact that once a car reaches a certain age, it no longer needs to be tested.last_img

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