The auction advertisement competition is more and more big how do we face

fourth is a continuous optimization test. You can use different titles, different ideas, different display site for testing. To see what effect is the best.

is the third competitors. Your data changes, one important reason is the competition ranking, creative change. Remember Zhao Bingquan when it was time to attend a lecture, an entity doing emphasizes the boss. If own turnover has a problem, that is the main reason may be competitors getting better. In the auction, the competition ranking will affect your ranking competition ranking, creative will affect your click rate. Promotion of competitors will affect your conversion rate. So when the data changes, first look at the competition has not changed, and then see if you have a problem. Author Zhao Bingquan, please indicate.

Zhao Bingquan is also on the high competition very distressed, a while ago with a friend about it, here to share. The first is to improve the quality of the key words, about how to improve the quality, smoothness etc. here is not to say, love Shanghai’s own tutorial has been written very clearly, you go to download a look on it.

. To see what data, of course, don’t run out of the three basic data, click rate, conversion rate and the number of display. Click rate: high word hits, it is best to separate the word group, improve quality, and expand the long tail word. Also pay attention to the malicious click. Click the low rate of the word, then modify the creative and add negative keywords. Conversion rate: high conversion words, improve the ranking to improve the bid price. The low conversion rate, first to see whether there is the issue of the landing page, landing page optimization. And lower prices and rankings, save advertising costs. Impressions: show the high rate of the word, be careful not to pay too much, and monitoring. Show the low rate of words, will raise the bid, increase the display page impressions, anyway, do not spend money.

is to integrate these fifth. The keywords, bid, ranking, creativity, etc. to integrate the landing page, see how to get the best return on investment ratio. For example, those who search for "discount" >

The second is to look at the data

remember love two years before Shanghai auction, basically as long as do definitely make money, but recently do not necessarily make money, do not seem to love Shanghai, to achieve their purpose. Love Shanghai auction, and Shanghai dragon, basically use the long tail theory, before bidding for long tail keywords to blue ocean, competitors and advertising have differences, and also ranked high, the cost is very low. But now many of the long tail word competition is very fierce, and there are special malicious clicks long tail word. As long as you do some long tail words, competitors will have these basic words. Remember to read an article that said, advertising, you see how competitors launch, if he put in, and continuous delivery of a period of time, the advertisement must be profitable, he how to vote how you vote on the line.

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