Optimum management method for super large SEM account

Q: well

is not difficult enough, EXCEL. The main structure is to take the good, when doing the test or layout will come out, and then gradually adjust.

yesterday and a friend is very large SEM account management issues a discussion that may be useful to everyone, finishing added, posted.

asked. Now there is a problem. I’m on the customer with a few small girl in the lane, they often put the quality of low degree of take out to build plan. I went in and looked like crazy, out of order, the big move, data volatility will be more powerful.


: I have seen you before writing love Shanghai intermediate training PPT, to test a group of keywords, this is not a system, it is difficult to achieve?

re grouping.


The account structure relates to the quiz and related search terms

asked: that only the top 100 consumer top adjust OK? I’m going to keywords 100 consumption were TOP,

answer: take a new account to avoid big move, move too much easy to cause severe fluctuations. Even the new account structure should also be gradual, for customers, optimize the more sense on the basis of stability. Volatility itself will bring more obstacles to optimization.


for large account, the account structure is one of the most important part in the management of SEM. The essence of account size, no amount of keywords in the SEM management on the essential difference. The large account problem is too much, easy to get lost in the details, which cannot be effectively identify priority issues and solutions. A clear account of the reasonable structure to improve the readability of the account and operability, good priority, is not too complicated to manage. In principle, I think even millions of millions of key words do not need dozens of people, 35 is enough.

is one of the most important parts of large and medium sized account management, this did not start, if the reader is interested, can be alone on a discussion.

. You have no EXCEL data analysis sample. I see what you do, learn. D>

asked: more than 100 thousand keywords of super large accounts, how the group is more convenient management? Now this account depends mainly on the types to the points, such as the industry / general / question / competitive products and so on, but I feel very cumbersome management.

answer: it can be for example, choose one of the biggest project industry as sample, select the most meaningful keywords a test series. And then the series optimization. After the completion of the preliminary optimization, replace other project / industry to test the concept of the same group, a little change, not a whole change.

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