How to improve the short term advantages included and weight

our website once made creative we will ensure our website can not be copied, so that for our website we need to continue to maintain a degree of scarcity.

users will need, as long as the user search keywords will certainly need the content, this is the strong demand of users.

if we want to improve our website and set the weight in the short term, so do the creative is a core content, why do we have to do creative ideas, mainly in order to avoid the homogenization of the website, we do creative direct purpose is not to raise short-term weight and included, because if we put this two as the direct purpose of our idea is to do good, but if we do it will promote the short collection of weight and creative.

sites we also need a complete creative thinking process.

1. website

rivals weakness

included in the website optimization is a very important factor, we need to do is content to authorized users recognized by search engines, as long as our content to the user value of the search engine will establish the index, we know that the amount of included stable lifting weights for the cumulative our website is helpful. How do we content to further enhance the quality of our collection so as to make our website weight value is also relatively increase this is what we have to think in the short term, of course, we do not use black hat techniques to operate, for you today to share some.

(2) must be

The definition of

, two creative thinking strategies of the website

, a website

if our website creative is the opponent’s strengths, we do there is scarce and the differences do not, this is almost impossible.

(3) to keep the degree of scarcity of

The characteristics of

2. website creative

before we understand the creative process of the website, we must first understand the website has what characteristics.

(1) must satisfy the strong demand of users

We must be creative website

creative in daily life, we have a good understanding, creativity in Shanghai love auction is there, so whether the definition of creativity in the website why, in the website of originality is mainly the two aspects of scarcity and differences, these two aspects can be reflected in any of the elements of a web site, web site to avoid the homogenization of creative industries and achieve demand scarcity, a website content scarcity degree is higher, at the same time and compared to their counterparts in the website user experience is the absolute difference, then the site in the industry is creative, by this we know the site to do the scarcity and the difference is not so creative easy, we need a set of processes.

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