Very practical Machinery enterprise station optimization analysis of 3 points

: the station optimization, keywords layout and the core is the construction of the chain of

Reasonable layout of

, scientific planning, total station (home page, column page, a two column page, project page, the article page) to carry out their duties, placement of independent keywords. In the construction of the Pyramid system chain everything in good order and well arranged, complete. For example, a directory page, the title of "price _ weighing sensor digital weighing sensor _ weighing sensors offer _S weighing sensor" remarkable.

website . with links to know love

this is a wonderful site, a "engaged in machinery enterprise website weighing sensor" trade, encounter an interview in Guangzhou in 2012. At the meeting in a short moment, but won numerous world! It let Xiaobian this half self-study Shanghai dragon Er, gained more practical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, this simple analysis of 3 aspects of the experience. Deficiencies, hope. One or two.

The basic data of

said, the data as an example: the chain has 676 thousand stations, and have a ratio of. The site is not small attention for one or two years, although there have been drop right, keywords ranking fluctuate, but basically is very stable. The reason is that the boss of the company, understand Shanghai Longfeng, hiring executive force in technology. May, to understand the people who prefer solid graduates, do not mix two or three years Shanghai dragon industry soldier rascal.

ask yourself, who are beginners that passion, but also every day to send hundreds of the chain. Of course, not the skills, there are only some things on the edit. As everyone knows, the chain of family, love Shanghai and other search engines, B2B higher than the weight given to the website, forum, blog, classification of information, should be the chain resources webmaster friends very powerful. What is the extension, outside the station from the media platform


three: love Shanghai know, 2015 with a link is not difficult

2015 Shanghai

two: standing outside the promotion, emphasis on executive power, do B2B site outside the chain

that time, optimize the website Xiaobian still undivided attention home. In the station, all the links on the home page, the most different keywords. The result? Or is the site was K (or excessive optimization); optimization is up, the effect is not ideal (home for a few key words ah). But to see this website, completely stunned.

love Shanghai know how to link? Is always the owners who were concerned about the events. Can do a few love Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, library, love Shanghai forum chain, absolutely high quality. But the strict examination, love Shanghai commercial, the webmaster can not start, most choose to give up. Analysis of this website, be startled at small (pictured above), they are so easy to wear. Domain! This site has been doing and can do add >

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