How to restore the lost nearly 1 months of home love Shanghai

just 1 months ago, I search our website name "wusheng home" in Shanghai, found in the first row is not home, but the site within the content page. At that time did not care how, think to be pushed to the back of the home page, that will be good to wait a few days. However, a few days later still so, I looked up to more than 20 pages can’t find my home. I am anxious, I love Shanghai "love Shanghai search page snapshot disappear" to find a cause, a number of articles to make an explanation of this problem. That the reason is the following:

If your site is

two, check the

, check the site log (IIS log

if your web page in the snapshot page disappear, and included reduced to one times, so that there is a problem with your site article quality, or the accumulation of keywords, or your website on the Internet a lot of repeated, perhaps because of your collection, then suggest to stop the acquisition, increase the original article to love, and Shanghai to re submit.

IIS log records all the circumstances of the spider crawling host the host header information returned to see when the spider crawling website in detail what the problem is, if your host or server without IIS log, then you need to contact your supplier to IIS log out, the need to release the IIS server log.

if your website snapshot is gone, so whether the site included page still is reduced or disappear completely included page page, if the page and home page are gone, I’m sorry that your website pulled the hair, it is recommended that you return to Shanghai dragon love Shanghai webmaster guidelines or Google webmaster guidelines take a look webmaster guidelines search engine the provisions of the rules of the game.

The amount included in website

three, the loss of


you need to check your site whether caused by a large number of the chain is missing, the chain is divided into two directions, Links loss ratio, URL output chain disappear if the loss ratio is more than 20% so you need to increase your work to do outside the chain and loss ratio >

The chain of

home page disappeared, and did not reduce the number of pages, so that when the love of Shanghai grab home encounter difficulties, or love Shanghai temporary adjustment database problems, such a situation you don’t have to worry about, to decorate link bait seduce spider is enough.

2 years ago I was a village in the foreign worker, because of love on the Internet, he finally decided to go home to do the local community website. The site quickly set up, through a simple extension of some columns, in small local celebrity. I also like many webmaster, every day to see their love, Shanghai found recorded snapshot updates. The site is the original local content as the foundation, so we stood on the Shanghai love content has been the normal search records and update snapshot on time every day.

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