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PR said here is a pan concept, you can understand the weight of different channel page weight forum different, which leads to the phenomenon is that some popular channels included faster, some popular channels included or not included.

5: BBS signature. "

4: reprint, original and pseudo original

today at the forum to do outside the chain has become a lot of Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website primary means, but careful Shanghai dragon ER will find that the many chain had no effect, but I do not know what the reason. The reason is because they don’t understand the forum forum with the different weight mechanism, and other special website, let his hair of the chain to achieve the desired effect, we should know how to transfer the weight of the forum is the blind, the hair of the chain is not wise, you release the chain page was collected, only you said the chain will be basically the effect. The happiness of Shanghai dragon briefly enumerate some characteristics of the forum, please readers savor the mystery.

2: the forum theme is not included in


generally, water content is not closely linked to the theme and content of irrigation is very homogeneous, such as: top, sofa. This kind of words will trigger love Shanghai copy page judgment mechanism, the content will be the theme of the original water dilution degree, here can give an example, if an article of the first sentence is the original, behind a thousand words is top, learning, to see you such a word, then, this article if no larger chain or weight transfer station support, it is hard to be included, the spider like new things, you know.

many friends publish or reply in the link of the channel, into a large number of links, you know, a web page link will dilute the PR value of the home page, then the post is the same, too many links in the post, easily lead to the post weight being diluted up to love Shanghai included standard, so the students issued by the chain in the forum, try not to take too many links. Many themes that should be included, but you directly reply with a large number of links, a direct result of the post will not be included, posting and if both sides did not get benefits.

some friends love reproduced directly after the link with their own, some friends directly using pseudo original software to false original articles directly after the release in the forum, the Shanghai dragon happiness of the two methods of these two methods is not to regard it as right, may be included, but also very easy to be recovered, it will also cause the chain is not stable, happiness Shanghai Longfeng advocated: pure original and original. The original will be two times the processing site article, use your own words. Good results of the two methods, love is not objectionable to Shanghai.

3: link weight of shunt

1: Forum of each channel page PR value of different

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