How to improve website ranking competitor analysis

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want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must learn to analyze competitor, the enemy, know yourself. Recently many website webmaster do not know how to analyze competitors, how to get the valid method from competitors, to increase the weight of their own website, so today the man will give you a Shanghai dragon thought this method to teach you.

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analysis of 3. key words: through the love of Shanghai index, love Shanghai for the background, Google AD, Google trends to analyze keywords, including brand words, words to analyze the layout of commercial intention of competitors, keyword sources.

2. site layout is reasonable: mainly in the first: breadcrumb navigation is a key arrangement, bread crumbs generally leads to the front page we do anchor text brand of words which we can in the famous Shanghai dragon successful web site can see like Amoy shoes, or like Jingdong to each column do 1 keywords to improve the keywords ranking single product.


competitor analysis mainly from two aspects, one is the station; the other hand is outside the station; and the two aspects to analyze what kind of data, and competitor analysis which core data can help your website fast

1. the domain name of the website has no competitive advantage: it is not the old domain new station, the old domain name can accelerate the site assessment period, improve the site, while the biggest advantage in the site is not easy to be a search engine in the bud was killed, so we can often see the sale of portal two level domain name buy optimization to do medical sites now, more well-known is the Phoenix Chinese medicine, people贵族宝贝.cn health, china贵族宝贝 Sina health, Chinese medicine, the city of sina station health column etc..

analysis is to find out the weak points and merits of everything is not perfect, if a site is really perfect, then the ranking may not always change the floating. The analysis of the competition website, is to find out its merits and deficiencies. If a website is mainly relying on the content and get high weight, we can not is the focal point to analyze its content. Do Shanghai dragon know, write ten dozens of the original article general what is the problem of a person does not have, can insist on. But if 365 days a year, every day of the original, but the quality must be high, for example, wrote on the website construction and website optimization aspects of the Internet, write the article will be published in the webmaster to online, then will the day not only as far as the Jiangnan? @ sure each person’s idea and vision, analysis of the writing thoughts from others, you will find a lot of merits.

1. Shanghai advanced syntax: domain:+ through love each other’s domain name, see others in what place do love Shanghai "

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