Keywords long tail theory is the subversion of the 28 law

In fact,

after love Shanghai yesterday and the webmaster’s joke on Qi, pay more attention to some of the more long tail keywords blog, found that many have different degrees of improvement, Shanghai dragon is so strange, no time to optimize the ranking rose, the more he wanted his ranking rose less rose. The network market is gradually thinning, long tail keywords intensified competition. Electric district and everyone together about the long tail keywords.

is long, often is 2-3 words, or phrases. In the content page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products is much lower than the target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large.


the answer is definitely the latter, now more and more attention in the Shanghai dragon ER website long tail keywords, and tried to dig the long tail keywords, long tail keywords optimization, enhance the long tail keywords ranking. This is the inevitable trend of the development of Shanghai dragon, the main keywords ranking competition is fierce, the long tail theory is to use the coverage of keywords to win, Many a little make a mickle. And the long tail keywords targeted, especially the transformation of some precise long tail word rate is also high.

, for example, three people were searching for three keywords, "electric business circle" and "business", "Shanghai Longfeng electric district Shanghai dragon race". Statistically, search "business" to Shanghai dragon race is much higher than the search "electricity business circle" to. Because he was looking for to know looking for specific information, and search.

in the domestic market began a search engine optimization, is a kind of popular Shanghai dragon Er misleading thinking, only the optimization of the main keywords, largely ignored the long tail keywords, but rather to create long tail keywords to maximize the benefits for enterprises and individuals. Now more and more Internet companies have launched ZhengZhan optimization scheme, the purpose is to promote the optimization of the main keywords and long tail keywords, this difference in my optimization and optimization of the entire station "has been mentioned in detail. According to the statistics of some electronic commerce website, long tail products and long tail keywords to get traffic, the total flow rate of twenty percent to thirty, but the resulting from the long tail products there may be more than half of the profit." Have to say the long tail theory is a subversion of the "28 law". Shanghai dragon should be in accordance with the "28 laws" as key words, or in accordance with the "long tail" extending

believes that the long tail theory, due to the factors of cost and efficiency in the past, people only pay attention to the important person or thing, if the normal distribution curve to describe these people or things, people only focus on the curve "head", and will be in the curve "tail", require more effort and cost to pay attention to the most people ignore or something. Long tail keywords has extensibility, strong pertinence, wide range, specific performance is as follows:

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