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April 21st, taobao Liaoning UNITA leader "would blossom" told reporters that at present, Liaoning province has the crown level the success of the transaction more than million sellers nearly 130, five diamond successful trading more than 5000 sellers nearly two hundred, more than two diamond successful trading more than 500 more than 3000 sellers. Liaoning chamber of Commerce statistics show that in Shenyang the number of shop only registered in Taobao online will be close to 3000. It is estimated that, if you add in , eBay, Sina and other stores opened sellers, the number of online shopping in Shenyang must be more than 3000.

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since the second half of last year, every day in the online shop in Shenyang sellers showed obvious upward trend, part of the store owner also joined the ranks of network start-ups. In January this year, in the street near the jewelry shop entity Wu, because of the popularity of online transactions, registered on the Internet opened a shop. Up to now, 80 deals have been successfully traded. Reporters saw in his shop, shops operating booming, not only and physical stores, can be returned, the consumption of a certain amount of money can also be free express.

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reporter found that, in addition to online shop for second of the income source of the workplace and have physical shop owner, some after graduation did not find the right job students also opened the shop.

entrepreneurship while driving employment, customer service positions need 10000 people

shop is a lot of business benefits? Liaoning chamber of Commerce, a crown seller told reporters, the monthly operating income in the hundreds of thousands of yuan, the average daily income of over 10000 yuan. As the shop does not need the cost of physical shops, but also save the decoration, gas, water, electricity and other routine maintenance costs, so the benefits are good.

to "chipping away" such words to describe the shop, is definitely out. Statistics show that only in Shenyang Taobao online shop close to 3000, of which better operating shops, monthly turnover of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

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Shen City three types of online shop

in a gold and silver sales center to do marketing work of Miss Zhou, these days the signature changed to "everyone go to my store" support". It turned out that Miss Zhou opened a new jewelry shop on Taobao, specializing in various types of silver. She told reporters that since the second half of last year, the unit has not been a bonus, she will use the convenience of their own work, opened an online shop, earn some extra income.

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the spread of the financial crisis, so that consumers close their wallets, some people turn to low-cost, convenient online shopping market Amoy goods, and the hot online shopping market has spawned a number of online shops and network start-ups.

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