To avoid the similar risk to improve the quality of site level

second, pseudo original to upgrade, after all, a content rich website, through personal webmaster or a small team is often difficult to get very rich, appropriate pseudo original but false original but no ground for blame, need to upgrade, can not simply replace the title, disrupt the paragraph, such as love Shanghai intelligent upgrade, has been difficult to adapt to, the best way is through manual rewriting, and as far as possible to reach more than 70% of the original, can reduce the similarity of web pages.

search engine can "similarity recognition can not be more than 60%, if more than 60%, it will be the corresponding search engine punishment, the right to be reduced or blocked. What are the factors that cause the page similarity? Specifically, there are two main reasons: first, the same site, often the old content simple renovation in the process of renovation, description, keywords and title and content changes little, or is a simple pseudo original, so it is easy to cause "high similarity. Second, the other sites have included the contents of take over, simple adjustment, such as the change of title, paragraph will again break up, then posted on its Web site, the content contrast does not such content on your site and although there are similarities, but from the Internet on the angle of comparison, then this will be repeated become very obvious.

page similarity obvious, need to change the contents before construction strategy immediately, otherwise once more than 60% of the cordon, easy website is judged as spam sites, thus it is very difficult to succeed. This can reduce the content of the website from the following two aspects of similarity.

in the process of website construction, often appear a vexing problem, that is "a high degree of similarity, and once this problem, it is difficult to improve the site’s ranking, or even result in Shanghai love to drop right or punishment. What is the similarity of web page

page similarity usually refers to the two page content there are many parts of the same. When the search engine two ", will be through the analysis and comparison of two methods. The first is to analyze the content of the web page module, if the two page MD5 value data, then the similarity between the two pages is very high. The second is, according to the key words on the page and sort frequency analysis. To obtain the high frequency keywords in a web page, then the MD5 assignment, if the two page keyword MD5 value, it has high similarity.

first, as far as possible the original, because the original content does not exist the problem of similarity degree, and even other sites are reproduced, even included time than you, but after a period of time, the intelligent algorithm will also determine if you love Shanghai as the first original, giving a higher weight.

third, with iFrame > box

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