n several practical ranking fluctuations in the case of the old station solution

some old station may be caused by the following aspects of

has the following two aspects

, another reason is that the chain is missing, the chain number of this two day search site, suddenly fell 1/3, such a problem, ranking does not drop it? Is a lot of the chain link failure or some expired, the need to update the chain gradually and add a general ranking will soon come up again.

this is the specific reason I rank the old station down, the main reason is their management station management less, in fact, in general, still haven’t serious management station, leading to the weight of the site keywords ranking to withstand the wind and rain, a little fluctuation will lead to decline in ranking so, the next need careful management to the site, in order to make the site more weight savings.

is a content update frequency, because of the recent busy cause recently very few how to update the content of the website, although these months not how to update the content but still ranked in the top, but this lack of web search engine backup content added sooner or later to see the color, the direct result of punishment is this week’s update directly to the second page, usually for an old station appeared in such a situation, only need to update the content of the specific content, update what this station for old friends say no more.

There are several punished the station

2. content > stable.

for my site ranking dropped, I analyze the main reason of

1. Shanghai dragon basic information is not stable, the website title and keywords and description can not modify, I stand in the new year after feeling some words to make adjustments, I made some adjustments, this is reflected in the rankings, ranking to 11 place, the general information changes at least more than 3-4 months to do modify and adjust the content of change should not be too big, otherwise the search engine for the station is still quite powerful punishment.

three is Links, a week ago I check Links has not been punished, just this week so I immediately received has also been implicated, immediately delete them.

Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and perseverance. When a keyword search volume is high on the home page, on behalf of the search engine for a period of time we must work in Shanghai dragon. But for most of the webmaster friends, is not only happy, there are still concerns, due to the stability in the front row is not an easy thing, website ranking stable, is really not easy to do keywords than up, today I will share with you some of the old station in several practical ranking fluctuation case the solution, mainly in their own an old station ranking of experience to share with you, hoping to encounter the same problem to help a friend.

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