The Domain website is not in the first analysis and Countermeasures

3, within the site to be healthy, and this includes the website link does not appear dead circulation, the content of the website can not exist a lot of meaningless things, no readability, and cheating site is not obvious optimization settings. < >

2, the quality of the chain, the chain should have the quality, this is the need to do the chain place in the choice of when to consider, try to choose some weight high site to do, when you find you outside of the chain has been reduced, there may be a problem. To solve this problem is very simple, is looking for a high weight website to your own website.

has the impression, do not know where to see someone said that domain website ranking is random, so when the domain site is not the first does not explain what the problem is. At that time see felt a bit wrong, but JiaBuZhu below the top note of the students a passion, I have encountered such a situation could not get what basis, so settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Why is it like this, because I just have a station appeared in the domain website no longer first, he observed a few days, plus the 5.20 day just returned to the first few days, according to the observation data of the domain site in the first place, or can explain some of the problems the.

1, the stability of the space, this is the main reason of site domain is no longer the first, can choose the kind of open speed slow, often even when the space. The first step is to obtain the trust of the search engine has a good space to support, not to say how much extra points to the site, but at least not less. If this is the case with conditions as soon as possible for space


do the following several prevention and remedy of domain website is not in the first place:

new on-line site, domain site is normal, then the space problems lead to domain website is not normal. The author of this website is called point reading pen recommendation network, generally speaking the name of the site should be regarded as a less competitive keywords, a new station on the line as long as will soon be included, when searching for the name of the web site in the first row, the station is also the author, then soon after collection of on-line search when the point reading pen recommended the website ranked the first, this is the website of the normal phenomenon; when problems arise after the domain website in the third row, then found that when the search point reading pen recommendation network, website is ranked third pages to go, in the first row of the information in a bidding chain a Links platform hair – this is not the normal phenomenon of website. Experienced students must read out, this phenomenon is clearly the site is down right. Then on the other hand, when the domain site is no longer the first can say, site is down right? According to the change of the data before and after the website domain, basically can be sure of that.


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