Shanghai dragon VP is down right love Shanghai said the injury who said to the grassroots fire

: a few days ago fell in love with the sea search "Shanghai dragon training", what have you found? Love Shanghai said this on micro-blog, and explain the reasons, we can see

Shanghai dragon

explain the logic behind this thing, because we all know that Shanghai dragon VIP this website certainly will not exist cheating, but many people are concerned about. So if you do not give a reasonable explanation, the Shanghai dragon Er questioned love Shanghai garbage algorithm. It is a regular website will be right down, Lenovo in June of last year to the K station, aroused strong dissatisfaction to the majority of owners love Shanghai. Some people even to click love Shanghai auction, if like Shanghai Longfeng VIP regular website will also be without the right down, if the next major upgrade in the algorithm, and the webmaster, webmasters will use it to move out to prove love Shanghai algorithm has a problem, but it is impossible for the love of Shanghai fire website-i reply. This will lead to a big storm, so love Shanghai will apologize to quell this thing.

VIP is now known as a Shanghai dragon world famous website, this website is "Tian Sheng rich", standing behind people and celebrities – Shanghai dragon world famous Liu Huanbin. So this site in a short period of time can put the word dragon Shanghai training do love Shanghai first, but because of some of this website is love Shanghai down the right, leading to a no flow. I heard the news when I was at that time, judge this site must be restored, just in time for the length.

when I saw the news, you know what I think? Think of a few days ago the news. That is Ma Yun in the 2012 China Private Enterprise Summit, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Ma Yun was late because of the traffic jam, the provincial Party secretary. I think these two things are exactly the same, then I have to ask: Shanghai dragon VIP was hurt, love Shanghai can apologize to us, who said the grassroots Shanghai dragon fire


traffic jams like Ma late, governor promised to rule blocking the media in the report, including the people’s daily. Why would become a hot celebrity? + public issues? Five years after the government blocked, this is impossible! Five years later and the media and then track it? I think Shanghai is so hard! Love, actually I don’t want to fall in love with the sea to the owners to seek justice, just think Shanghai should be more love after the opening, from June 28th last year this has changed. We can see the love of Shanghai now every major update algorithm will notify owners, let the webmaster also know their site is going on.

? See Liu Huanbin in the micro-blog

if it is not illegal operation of love Shanghai announcement which mentioned, you can go to the complaint. Don’t it is not their own web site, as long as you go down the right to complain about, with this luck mentality.

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