Shanghai dragon and future Shanghai Longfeng die The terrible problem

bloggers do not want to discuss this awful problem, after all, my experience is zero, just know fur, said too much, can only be said in the loading force. But, I just want to say what he felt, I hope we can bring some help. Rookie, please pick the wrong

In fact,

study of Shanghai Longfeng for nearly a year, I found the Shanghai dragon circle more chaos, atmosphere is very poor. Restless heart, climate is not. The average person is just getting started, that has mastered the truth of Shanghai dragon, trumpeted everywhere, B, and some of the so-called Shanghai dragon training institutions, even out of the case are not started casually flicker novice, what original article, what the chain, Shanghai dragon core. This is not in harm? I am not Shanghai dragon master, because Shanghai dragon master is low-key, muffled fortune, he will have too much money, for you to share out? Bo did not go to the forum to master, now every day around, pay attention to the latest hot dynamic, look different Shanghai Longfeng Daniel blog, in short, to learn the theory and practice of Shanghai Longfeng, established the first blog of their own, because you don’t know how messed up, now Guangzhou Shanghai dragon is my blog set up second websites, generally speaking, I just started Shanghai Dragon Phoenix!!! Yes, I it is just getting started, but can only say that the Shanghai Longfeng easy entry, study hard! However, now the Shanghai dragon in the world filled with a variety of chaos". Impetuous, this word is my sense of confusion, Shanghai dragon, is my own to become a worry in Shanghai dragon er. Don’t say me this rookie, if such an industry, every day is filled with this news, the Shanghai dragon circles are affected are big I dare not say, at least to the industry will make a impression: "Shanghai dragon".

I’m here to talk about their new Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Master skip! Do, please put the basic knowledge to learn to remember the Shanghai dragon, don’t ask, others do not answer, also blame others, you don’t know how to love Shanghai? Don’t you love Shanghai.? again, practice the truth, begin to build a web site, you can learn more.


bloggers have been considering to write do not write this kind of article, after all this kind of article has been flooded, saw the title even shaking fingers were too lazy, why? I can swear? I can say I’m learning Shanghai Longfeng not long, there have been no work, see this title every day you can understand, a rookie crisp heart? Call · · · · after that, at these words, it is a 100 minute word! However, bloggers now the mood is very calm, just wrote that no place to tell, borrow this opportunity to say through the blog. Well, in here, we are not to Bo sympathy, can only be said to enter a line to force myself to love you, can choose their own love that is individual.

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