Answer novice Shanghai dragon how to treat a variety of tools

I do three months before the Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, when I heard that one day send thousands of the chain, I am very curious to know is this mass tool. In the forum to see people say by Shanghai dragon is the tool, that can not be used are veteran talk novice, so that the tools to. But the Shanghai dragon must have their own opinion. Not because someone said to you, not because of curiosity on the use of tools. The decision is the demand to use tools, not determine demand. When you feel the need, but also have a negative effect when you have enough experience and not grasp, you use a bold, if you are just a small business website, is not competitive, ranking is stable, don’t toss.

personal view, only for beginners reference.


Shanghai dragon need to use a lot of tools to analyze data, improve work efficiency. At first I was very confused, these tools should not be used, what when and how to reasonable use. The novice have these problems, then talk about my views.

1, must use the appropriate tools. Many Shanghai dragon Er don’t understand technology. No technology is very passive. The use of tools is to work easier, if a tool is beyond what you can accept, don’t eat a fat, to choose their own, so in my opinion, novice to grow up from the manual, so as to lay a good foundation.

Second, !Whether you use

, the first tool is a must? Let the demand

3, the core advantage and distinguish tool function, learn from each other. I took a very simple comparison of webmaster tools, if Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query you use Chinaz, you can use love station website keyword analysis. Do the traffic statistics by 51la, to understand the trend of spiders with log analysis tools……

tools function more powerful, remember not to rely too much on the tool, to start from the manual. Then excel is a good tool for the undeniable. The premise of analysis of the website is to preserve the data website, such as website ranking changes, reverse link, PR changes, the usual record is the source of data, when the site when there is a problem, they can help you find the reason.


third, if you want to use, how to use


can rely on tools? Combined with manual analysis of

4, on their own, not the data. Don’t be obsessed with data, the only semi-finished products, to become their own, also need your brain processing analysis results.

2, fully tap a tool function. Some tools for a free version and a paid version, I don’t think it must be free of charge is free without charge for use, more bad, the ability to fully exploit free tools can solve.

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