The 1 report on Google webmaster tools and a baby in Analytics

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+ +1 button and nobility baby project development objectives are to make it easier for you to make contact with the network trust. The so-called +1 button, refers to trusted friends and contacts on implantation of nobility baby search, let those who love your website in the moment of decision to recommend.

– finally, the audience report can show "+1" noble baby user on your web page comprehensive geographic and demographic information. In order to protect privacy, only when there is a significant number of users on your web page for "+1", we will show the audience information.

– Search reports allow you to understand how +1 affects your natural search traffic. When the personalized search suggestions to help you when you can view the content of talent shows itself, the click rate is changing. The number of clicks and impressions with and without a +1 annotation by comparing the search results number, can achieve this point. You only get the impression times enough meaningful comparisons, we will show the statistical results change the click rate.

– event report will show your web page through your website and other websites (such as noble baby search) by "+1" times.

you can use the web side of the "noble baby +1 index" menu to view these reports. If you do not have to verify your site in Google webmaster tools, can access in accordance with these instructions.

– social participation report allows you to understand web access behavior, including the number of clicks the +1 button or other social activities. This will help you determine, for example, during a visit to "+1" in your web page will than no "+1" >


but when the management of a website, which is often not true, unless we can measure the. To this end, we are very pleased to have another news to report: today, we will publish the report to show the +1 button for your site can bring value to you.

we recently released in the global various nobility baby search site +1 button, and then announced the beginning of the noble baby + project.

first, +1 index in Google webmaster tools will show you how to influence your future "button +1 flow:

finally, by tracking the noble baby Analytics social plugins, you can also see how users use other buttons except +1 to share your content. Once you configure Analytics JavaScript, social participation report will help you in your web on various types of sharing activities.

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