Shanghai Dragon 3 months easily create 1000P traffic station

used to flow understanding is not deep, often do such a site recently, raise a lot of experience here and everyone to take share. From the end of 5 to now, three months time, I succeed in doing this English easyvoa flow station, the current flow is stable at 800-1000.

flow, you must first determine a core vocabulary, for example I do English website VOA around this theme, we see that the VOA daily search volume is about 5000, so the core vocabulary retrieval is more than 4000 words, is called flow station. Such words do up around the core of the site, you can flow from 3 months to 1000, if the base is very small, by the Shanghai dragon flow is also very difficult to start.


VOA is very difficult to do, because the competition is very strong, we can choose to do online to listen to VOA, this word is relatively easy, the flow is also great, so we have to do the flow from here, we can Links anchor text, blog guide, including the construction of the structure, the weight to collect the words, specific the way to build, we can analyze my site, beginners can imitate.

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do a flow station, the first to have a plan.

1. is not all sites can be 3 months to do 1000


before 1 and a half months, the website weight is very low, basically no ranking, this time, keep update, exchange friendship, snapshot induced spider gradually your daily updates, the most difficult period, need patience to hold on.


if your website is the website traffic I said, then the Shanghai dragon is the decisive role, I share my strategy for everyone.

is clearly not, your site if you stop doing business, enterprise related products, give you 1 years to do 1000IP that is very good, this site, not called flow station, this site, if you want to do 3 months of 1000IP, not very realistic, for such site, you need to consider how to improve the conversion rate, gradually start flow.

2. what kind of website can be 3 months with 1000IP

Shanghai, for the novice, or of the line within 2 years of the people, may not have a profound understanding of the Internet, the overwhelming teach you to do the traffic, but are often vague, the core and key, few are point out.


3. if I stand in line with the search criteria, what should I do?


(1) first identified a key phrase


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