Shanghai dragon has been turned to UEO

great! Before we say that the object of Shanghai dragon, is the search engine, we have the idea to try to study the rules of search engine, the idea of trying to deceive the search engine, the main is the search engine, that is to say we may optimize five years ago we focus primarily on the search engine! From the start, we start from the program code, we start from the space

don’t know what is now the Shanghai dragon mood, do not know what is now Shanghai dragon, anyway, I personally have been slowly from the Shanghai dragon free. Because Shanghai dragon vane also changed, turn to what? Shanghai dragon is to change UEO

UEO covers a wide range, we usually say the website user experience although a few simple words, but do not easy, here.

it shows what? The Shanghai dragon does not exist what fairness is completely by human action! In fact, think it did. The search engine is its home, how about natural ranking may not be the key words! So, who also don’t struggling Shanghai dragon, should be transformed under the thinking of


but now? Changed, really changed! We are now subject into users, to fully consider the user! Because now the search engine technology has been very mature, we study he is actually not much meaning! So? Now we tend to work heavy heart for user reference

! ! !

is different from the past, the white paper is of no importance on original content, don’t say things about Shanghai dragon. Just say, "will affect the quality of" in search engine rankings and show. The three dimension actually classifies still belongs to the category of UEO.

UEOWhat is !



love Shanghai search engine page quality white paper did not talk about Shanghai dragon

UEO? UEO Chinese means user experience optimization! Shanghai dragon and UEO what is the difference? Some

believes that some time ago, we have heard about hc360贵族宝贝 to spend about 50000000 to buy love Shanghai’s natural position, online exposure screenshot, the contract is called love Shanghai Aladdin technical services. Whether it is true, in fact we search keywords natural ranking on the list! Look at the hc360贵族宝贝 occupy an important position is the natural ranking


you still believe that the fairness of Shanghai dragon natural ranking

some time ago, the Shanghai official love "love Shanghai search engine" quality white paper ", this book talked about the influence of three dimensions of" quality, content quality, web browsing experience and access of cocoa from three directions, in order to explain the search engine will value those factors

Shanghai dragon has been turned to


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