Sogou rating function upgrade like Google PR

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found on many websites by Qingdao Shanghai dragon query, 10 point rating standards closer to Google’s PR value of the standard, like a large portal: Sohu, love Shanghai, Sina, QQ, Taobao and rank value basically in 8 or 9, some small and medium sized sites between 3-5 and the personal webmaster that is, 1 or 3 overall, the rationality and reference of more than 100 minutes ago. Through the observation we also found that Sogou seems to all sites, the minimum value of rank is 1, that is to say, even if the new station will display the Sogou rank value is 1, which is different from Google’s Google exquisite, appears as the PR value of 0 to the railway station, or Qingdao Shanghai dragon has not been found to Sogou rank 0 the web site.

query love Shanghai PR value of Google and Sogou Rank value


the Sogou rating function did not know whether to upgrade Sogou 2011 has great action, in the domestic search engine search market to Chinese love Shanghai occupy absolute advantage, will not know whether because of the new Sogou action and worry, of course, as our webmaster, we hope that the major search engines for the webmaster do awesome things, launch some good tools for the healthy development of the website. The first Qingdao Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

in the major search engines, each search engine has its own special "rating standards, rating more directly to the number of Google’s PageRank and Sogou rank, careful Adsense may these two days may find Sogou search" rating (Sogou rank) function upgrade, the original 100 points a 10 point system, such as Google’s PR value. It is understood that the Sogou specially equipped with a special rating query server, the address is: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/sogourank.php? Ur=贵族宝贝, enter your website address query behind UR=, webmaster can through the address directly view all site in Sogou in weight level.

query Sina and Sogou Google PR value

Webmaster Tools two "rating on Google and Sogou comparison:



query Tencent Google PR value and Sogou Rank value


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