Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory three within the chain is road

2, breadcrumb navigation breadcrumb navigation is divided into many types, we generally used are location based navigation, there are properties and path based navigation, here is not to do too much to explain, interested friends can search.

content and the chain this had carefully talked, in which not to mention slightly, interested friends can go to search under the title: "Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory", the search results will show a clear, 22, please support the original reading.

anchor text, Xiao Wu think the most important thing is to consider the user, for example when I mentioned <>

to explain this issue, why is the chain way? This is actually very good understanding, not only within the chain guide search engine spiders to search the web, and guide each page the user visits the site. And we as a road pioneer, must take the road straight, to avoid too many twists and turns, which is the foundation to enhance the spider favorability and user experience. So, the question is: "how to repair this road?" the Ji’nan Shanghai dragon small Wu to share six suggestions of your summary, say OK please generous with your criticism:

for a long time did not speak of this topic, today Ji’nan Shanghai dragon Xiaowu spare time carefully compiled their own thoughts, to describe this issue with the most concise text: Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory (three) within the chain is "road". Concise, easy to understand.


6, the anchor text link had to focus on the way, an important means of anchor text not only for spider to search the web pages to enhance the quality and weight, is to guide the user to reach key specified related pages, learn to be reasonable to do the anchor text, anchor text, is absolutely compulsory for each Shanghai dragon er.

3, the content of the page should have links to the column and the home page, list page to chain to the home page and the content page links this is normal practice, if not the words, estimate your website is a zombie station.

5, the content page to this column list of other articles is convenient for the user to find what they want, but be careful, try not to add other column, otherwise it will be recognized there are too many irrelevant things, will reduce the user experience, but also cause spiders take a lot of detours. So open as a person, this advice must have a good analysis.

4, to the end of the content page with "a", "a" and other related similar navigation now almost universal access to the whole network. Obviously, it is necessary.

site navigation site navigation is the most basic chain, familiar with the site structure of friends should know that navigation is generally belong to the site of the head, each page will call, this is generally not a problem. Focus on the way, the navigation bar must use text chain, as everyone knows, Shanghai does not recognize the content of love spider.


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