What about love Shanghai for promotion and Shanghai Dragon

from the search results, we can easily find love Shanghai for promotion were ranked above the natural ranking, and the increase is only a general heat keywords, and if the words heat higher or competitive period, we can find the number of search, the ranking will show for promotion of up to 10, and the natural ranking positions were at the show later, so, the natural ranking of first will be directly reduced to eleventh, and from the author appeal report, even natural ranked first, their attention is only less than 20%, so can bring traffic also greatly reduced. In view of this, but also said that Shanghai and Shanghai bid to promote the optimization of dragon love is not related to

speaking of love Shanghai rankings, I naturally think of the love of Shanghai for promotion and the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because these two are effective methods to make key words love Shanghai home. The following I will talk about love Shanghai for promotion and the Shanghai dragon optimization of those things.

as long as the understanding of love a friend Shanghai products should be clear, love Shanghai’s most profitable products than love Shanghai for promotion. And why money, because it and the Shanghai dragon optimization, can effectively locate the site as much as possible and then search the crowd at the first page and the front show. With the development of the website of Shanghai Dragon technology, because of its low cost, which gradually give up love for promotion and site selection in Shanghai Shanghai dragon road, Shanghai business promotion that love has been seriously affected. So, how to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon competition website? I love Shanghai for promotion according to their own experience summed up the following six points. < >


said Shanghai Longfeng optimization and love Shanghai for promotion is not related? We can search for a keyword in Shanghai can be found, no matter whether there is love of Shanghai to promote the bidding, also did not affect the 10 available website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques obtained by natural ranking show.

Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love promotion is not related to

Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love promotion is

of love for Shanghai, the attitude is to support the white hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization, at this point we love Shanghai SEO Guide is to express.

see how to promote love Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon competition



from above to see, really seems to be not related, the 10 natural ranking show, not many, where. In fact, I have seen such a report, the user of the degree of concern for 100% ranking search results of 1-3, fourth to 85%, fifth to 60%, so ask decline, to the attention of tenth only 20%. From this report, traffic related keywords ranking and user site keywords and the search engine brings. So, we have to search for keywords in the love of Shanghai to promote bidding as shown below:

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