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      the industry’s more famous content alliances are: rank below rank, just by content, simple classification

      Content Alliance is a website cooperation form from the beginning of the 05 year rise, simply by a parent website let’s call it to provide program and content, and the various sites to join their DNS provider to the server, so that the visitor looks like is to provide content to join the station, all to join the station all channel flow.

      Dortmund software duote/union/ software download

, but some of these people, some people successfully break through, fire up their own shop, start Amoy brand business, work for themselves naturally hard. However, a series of work such as brand promotion, new marketing and customer service maintenance are obviously not for one person to cope with. These early electricity providers Amoy girls have also set up small companies, or set up small teams.

their business model: a beautiful young fashion Master KOL key opinion leaders, aesthetic vision and output in her grade pick a variety of models + visual promotion, fans gathered in social media, to store drainage.

      58 classification Union; http://s.un.58/ classification information;

      express content alliance; union.kuaiche union.bt2 BT download

      garlic clove; www.dasuanban software; download

according to Taobao public data show that just two years, Amoy girl registered electricity supplier model up to 34689, the output value of 1 billion 100 million yuan. Many people try hundreds of clothes a day is normal, new state of the money earned is also a few hundred pieces, but the time required to do quite a lot, often in order to catch time to take pictures, one day can not afford to eat. They should be the predecessor of the red net.

but people do not bother red net, film director in & the hand piece she wanted to take the star road. With long-term quality of God Tucao, each update is divided into minutes to brush friends circle explosion. The episode Papi sauce by Huang Xiaoming economic company signed, but the circle of friends and the latest revelations, Ma Dong, Ronaldo, Luo, Papi group of reticulocyte secret meetings, but also see posture zoom trick.

latest and most powerful representatives, of course, not that "collection of talent and beauty and one" Papi sauce must be, it is reported that more than four months, fans have over ten million, valued at over one billion.

network faced another name is "suction gold face".

from the initial "suck eyes" to the present "suck gold", those who can eat on the face, but also want to rely on strength to eat. But the strength to eat this thing, I said that it is blowing NB, but when it becomes an industrial operation, it is really so.


disdain? Envy? Anyway, they have earned enough eyeballs, by the way a lot of money, recently, investors have been eyeing.

Taobao platform show that 71% of female users in the red power store account for 76% of female users aged 18 to 29

      I’m happy alliance union.56 video

      Uume Content Alliance; http://s.us.uume/ video;

awl face, European eyelid, skin white beauty, the standard network faced mushroom cool, is the best "duzui Scissorhands, 45 self V, and thus no effort from many people pocket money away.

; Sogua entertainment League; http://s.newsunion.sogua/ entertainment;

      http://s.class.kijiji.cn/index2.php Kijiji local classified information

The data from the

      Zcom Content Alliance; union.zcom entertainment news and gossip


      CC video alliance; http://s.union.bokecc/ video;

      blink content League union.zhayan video

look at the face of the world, Yan value is the lightest productivity

in 2010, in order to facilitate businesses to find models online, Taobao founded the Amoy girl. Then, by face to eat has become a serious occupation.

      public comment network; www.dianping/union food information;


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