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website user experience Optimization (UEO), we all know that. A website wants to retain users, to better contribute to the ultimate profit, the user experience is essential. Only allow users to truly look comfortable, with a comfortable website is a good website. This is the life, the life of the user experience in my opinion on their own knowledge, such as the appearance of a person, of course, there is no way to change the appearance, but each person’s appearance, such as wearing etc. all of these can later develop. In addition, each person’s temperament, can continue to improve in the process of human life, optimization. There are expression of each person’s language ability, communication and so on, this is also a "user experience" form. All of these are only good, can with customers, enterprises and others, let them love you, your choice.

everyone is a website

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website: the chain for the emperor. Although this time.

life user experience optimization

is perhaps because, themselves engaged in Shanghai Longfeng many times, from Shanghai dragon Lenovo to something deeper, such as optimization of a country, the optimization of an enterprise, the optimization of a family, even personal life optimization. In my opinion, many things are interlinked. Just as there is a saying: all roads lead to Beijing. As a word: all died. Most of the time, many things are often the same origin. Today, talk about, how will Shanghai dragon in their own occupation, life of a connection, or for an extension of Shanghai dragon optimization.

everyone is a website, people have the height and weight of the rich and the poor, there is not, the website also is such, some sites have great energy, such as Sina, the Sohu; the site is also very small, such as my own blog. There will be some of the rubbish site, there will be a lot of high investment site. The same is true of people, each person’s birth environment is different, some people are born with a golden spoon, someone is born to poverty. As the site, whether it is high investment site, or small sites, only in the heart to optimize, can be in a leading position in a certain industry. The same is true of life, both good and bad environment of birth, on the road of life, only know life optimization, can truly to high.

website has a word: content is king. Really good website, the content is for the user, only really good content, can make the website constantly toward the higher. What is the content of life knowledge and experience?. Knowledge will not say, everyone choose "practice" in different directions, knowledge is different. But the experience, for the growth of a person, has a very important role. These knowledge, the accumulation of experience, will have a huge impact on life.

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