How to make the chain real user recommended to avoid the chain of wrong ideas

also mentioned the chain, also mentioned how to build the chain! An everlasting topic, but also a Shanghai dragon ER A5, read the topic diligently! Shanghai dragon WHY many friends put forward how to build the chain chain, which had no effect, no weight, each reading, Wang Shifan feel very funny and why? Because these people did not really put a chain tested! How to try? You said no forum signature effect? It would be a website, the chain is all BBS signature, you can see the rankings? Hair dad said, no investigation, have the right to speak. Here, Wang Shifan called for some friends, not for the high weight soft outside the chain, and write some articles no help for the novice, mislead them. Perhaps so, too, but it is so, hope the reader to understand.

this paper explain the common chain of wrong ideas and mode of operation, if you think you mastered enough outside the chain, if you think Wang Shifan is talking nonsense, if you take the psychological conflict started, please do not need to look down.


station? Received a hand, crazy home chain, ranked last up to more than 20-30, night returned to liberation, ranking dropped to 100 after. Helpless, tangled, complaining and started abusing love Shanghai. In fact, this time, you are the most should scold people, put a good standing, turned down the right station, restore indefinitely, know why the sea refuses to fall in love with the chain of tools? Is not to let you have a good website right down recovery path? The chain like content. Not controllable, as we all know, now in love with a link to the sea to a large extent, help us to reject junk links, to the greatest extent due to the reduction of spam links and drop right may.

is divided into two topics, the first, the webmaster, Shanghai dragon forum signature has no use? Transfer weight? First weight, a content page itself does not have too much weight, and the webmaster, Shanghai dragon forum is done signature, you imagine assigned to your website and how much weight. Then we do the webmaster, Shanghai dragon forum signature is useful? Certainly useful, change only. Our previous approach is the page keywords anchor text or hyperlinks, now only the anchor text site map page, the purpose is to attract the spider crawling included, a webmaster forum every day to do 3 replies 1 topics enough, probably do 3 forums can successfully attract spider climb for your web site optimization, do more is manufacturing the garbage outside the chain, you know the consequences.

the railway station should be what? We once again return to the central idea of the chain, is not a user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Users outside the chain, will recommend web page and website content page, then.

The chain process

two, a new station to do outside the chain is what

?What is the most taboo

, a forum signature no use

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