Shanghai after the introduction of new algorithm of dragon and Phoenix Shanghai Longfeng Road

love Shanghai in this algorithm update, for adjustment of the chain should be the biggest. This is because most of the site is because the chain is not standardized and the unfortunate victim. So what kind of the chain for the website is available, what kind of the chain for the website is play a negative role in the


from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon


sum up, we do not love to Shanghai dragon Shanghai ranked, but for our users, users love to see the article is good article, whether it is their own change or copy, the user does not love to see, I >

this love Shanghai this update algorithm is very good, some people say that after the update the article must be original, some people say that after I stand the copy of the update also ranked ah, Public opinions are divergent. In fact, the real algorithm adjustment is whether the article is original or copy of the change, as long as it is useful to the user, is good. Not accepted by the user, no one here, is not good! So very good update algorithm to curb this useless garbage in the vicious spiral Internet plagiarism.


Chinese there is an old saying that "the world is a big copy, but also want to see you will not copy copy, we copy articles to many others, and these articles or for your site users have no practical, in order to love Shanghai and ranked first from the starting point no, that is to say it is not a station belonging to the category of copy.

love Shanghai since June, after several months of adjustment, the new algorithm has been basically stable, some time ago blocked websites is gradually restored, the majority of owners are also out of the dilemma of K. However, the joy we have to think about another problem, the next step how to get


webmaster side others website chain, while the chain delete others published on its Web site, so in the course of time it is a vicious cycle, so the impact of the Internet culture and the experience of the user, for the love of Shanghai adjustment algorithm is very brillant, is that all the chain does not work therefore curb chain competition this vicious circle of internet.

plagiarism is not impossible, but if you copy the X is not good, you copy me, I copied you have copied the useless things. Such a vicious spiral down, as can be imagined, the Internet will be out of the The atmosphere was foul.

followed by the construction of the content on the website of the

is the first natural chain, that is to say that the chain is not passive in others our website, but others connect to our site outside the chain. These are the best, so our ideas and practices to make adjustments, not to think about what kind of websites outside the chain will not be deleted, but should think about how to make these sites to reprint our posts.

is the first algorithm for adjustment of the


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