Several methods can leave the anchor text of the chain in high quality forum

two: the length of the post to moderate

to share! also wrote very tired!

links with anchor text posts in the forum, set the font is also very important, generally speaking, the browser is very compatible to Arial, and even when the anchor text, and underline font is close, if you use other fonts, font and then underline the difference from the moderator it is easy to see at a glance! In addition, must choose the font bold, because in the bold vision, it is easy to overlook the small string, in addition to the font color settings, usually black is the best, of course, also want to see the main colors of these forum itself, if someone posts font the colors are red, then you can set the red, as much as possible and consistent with the mainstream! This possibility by moderators of serious attention on the low

three: Post font camouflage



on the soft Wen is free, but for the soft requirements are relatively high, on the one hand, soft related channels and compared with the forum, if you write is a soft, but sent to the technology channel, then will be deleted, on the other hand, the quality of the soft compared to high, can not direct simple advertising soft, generally the soft will die soon, in general, the soft advertising is quite obscure, as the title of the article is very vague, don’t expect free in these high quality advertising on the altar, but to let the soft can survive in these forums! So must not be able to release those straightforward ads


in general, forum posts compared with the length of about 500 words in the line is moderate, not more than 2000 words, line can not be less than 300 words, to know the postings in the forum, not micro-blog, but try to make your site anchor text can survive on these sites, if the content is too short, the anchor text is easy to be found out, of course, if too long, on the one hand, the readability is not high, do not love themselves and the moderator,

if by conventional methods, want to leave the anchor text in high quality forum which is almost impossible task, are generally two ways, one is to spend money to buy, another is through the efforts to upgrade, then make a contribution to this website, can have the opportunity to leave the chain a two the article on this site, if the chain multiple, or your account blocked! But the site outside the chain, for the optimization of a website is very important, if the chain site less, especially the high quality of the site outside the chain less, it hardly among the high the weight of the site ranks, not to mention can be routed to the search engine page! So many master who began continuous testing, constantly sum up experience, and finally developed a highly efficient left anchor in high quality forum The text of the chain! Here I come to do a simple

on the soft Wen on these sites.Of course, the

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