The early new how to do site optimization




we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization should know, want to do a website, we need a domain name and the choice of the domain name space, as far as possible to select the short and easy to remember, and do what industry related, do not select Chinese domain, the search engine for Chinese domain or not identification; the choice of space as far as possible to choose the domestic space business, 24 hour customer service staff. Wei Wei Shanghai dragon found that many beginners because it is cheaper to buy Taobao to some of Hongkong’s space! Such a space is not stable, two is the space of the problem, it is difficult to find people fast to you! Weiwei Shanghai dragon in front of choose one small space business. Later, because often not open, people often can not find the decisive for a new space! A often can’t open the website, want to have good rankings, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng it difficult to optimize,


three, location and layout of the

the choice of program you can choose to open source, can also choose the site of the internal write! This look at your habits, if you used to dream, then you can choose such dreams, for optimizing the code, modify the background you can easily get started, website optimization process to be adjusted you can get fast,

in the construction site at the same time, we are going to locate our website main keywords, and the long tail key word in the layout inside the website, such as navigation what keywords! The title of the site, set down the words, in front of the 2-3.

Objective: Weiwei Shanghai dragon often asked such a question: "Weiwei, I intend to put the boss business to the Internet, and is currently planning to build a website, you help me analyze website optimization early, how do I go to do ". Weiwei Shanghai dragon today to give you a reasonable thought, "the early new how to do website optimization".

website design and website program

website design and production process it is important to note that after the directory structure is best not more than three layers, built specifically set title writing and keywords, and description of writing, there is a navigation try not to use flash and JS to generate, because the search engine is very good for recognition, these are not the beautiful though what, but not practical, the site of the internal links must be set up, don’t appear dead links, the site will be in the main text, pictures as little as possible, and try to streamline the code, at the same time to the site map.


we have space and domain name, we will give me ready to do website design sketches of what, if you want to make your website optimization, website design sketches so you must participate in the place where the content of what is more, and the Shanghai dragon optimization! Only do Shanghai Longfeng optimization people know

, select the domain name and space

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