See also the cloud search community threat can come true

phpwind see their news, cooperate with Wei Feng network, the community cloud search. Speaking of the cloud search, speaking of the foreign community, you have to think of the famous Facebook and twitter greatly, the two communities, in recent years the fire, it is to Liaoyuanzhishi swept through Europe and the city each big country, a large number of young people and middle-aged older people into the community website.

from this point of view, we can think that Google is one’s own business base because of impact, feel the threat to the community website search engine, start looking for a new battlefield with the new "colonial"? That Google spent no small force to develop Chinese battlefield, so that Chinese part of the group with personal need not work in just ways means "to block Google. Of course, this is just how the personal view, not in good taste.

in accordance with the above said, the "community threat" is certainly true? But that is not. It is said, is because the community network can threaten the search engine, search engine does dug a lot of users. But, why not? Is actually very simple, like the beginning of the article said that the "cloud search", it is also a search within the community search >?

Google said in its announcement, this is a premeditated "war", but the thought of another way, that is: industry protection and industry invasion, cultural protection and cultural invasion. Many people have said that Google is to China beach, "invasion" China, will integrate more "American habit" to Chinese life. As everyone knows, now the domestic culture by the impact of western culture, a lot of ideas, ideology, culture, social customs, morals, are more or less a subtlechange plan, so that a lot of people are saying "the loss of morality". So I can not guess, the Google even more American Internet companies "blocking", whether it is because Google has a threat to some populations of domestic interests, a threat to some domestic interests plan, which makes Google suffered strong interception, and exit.

speaking of the foreign community is booming, had said that the domestic community, like the horizon, watercress, everyone like everyone is to do is for having heard it many times, Shanghai dragon, just contact is not long, but the recent Shanghai dragon industry to the topic is also read a lot of talk about the "community, recently threatened on it, it is not a new thing, in fact, community fire up, everyone in the discussion, now we all love you want to find the resources in the community, especially as foreign Facebook and twitter so red, stole the search engine how many customers? Although I do not know Google how many users are away, but Google is out of China events, the author has an understanding of their own.

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