6 methods of processing a web site is down right

4, the website was shut down for a period of time

1, adjust the quality and quantity of the

face right down, we need to think about is the quality of the station, if the original or false original is not enough, then it is very likely to cause the site is down right. Then we have to change the past in the routine, write some original articles more seriously, insist on a period of time will make a contribution to the recovery of the website ranking.

in addition, the number of articles published daily station is also critical, I once had a station was drop right after I was so treated: half a month and then suddenly stopped updating, an update, next week to stop the update, and then update two articles, the next three days the same stop the update, then suddenly update three articles every day, slowly began to update, and update the number gradually increased, until the resumption of normal update, one and a half months later my ranking miraculously recovered. Of course, this method is not used so the station number is right down the site to adjust the station according to the actual situation, try several methods is right.

2, carefully check the website of Links

3, reduce the release of the chain number

Links is caused by the possibility of one site is down right, webmaster friends once found their site ranking out later, will carefully check each Links, have the right to be reduced or not normal snapshot ranking Links are removed. If conditions permit, the best for several normal, ranking content related, the latest snapshot of Links, although this can not guarantee the weight can be restored, but at least can play a beneficial role.

many site is down right because the optimization over the reasons, it is said that still not too much, the chain will also cause site is down right, then webmaster friends should have a clear understanding of the number, can not blindly pursue the chain. Although not necessarily reduce the chain can play what role, but I also have such operations site recovery weight, so try this method.

many webmaster friends will meet the site is down right, have spent a long time to do the site suddenly in the fall, when most of the webmaster heart will be very anxious, eager to take some measures to restore the site’s ranking. In fact, in the face of the right down, as long as we find out the reason why the right down, is a step by step through the operation to recover ranking. To introduce several under my own website for common right down to the following treatment, hoping to have some inspiration to the webmaster friends.

update site

many people will feel difficult to understand this, in fact, this is indeed one of the methods to restore the weight, when the site is closed, the return status is set to 503, so the spider crawling can not be normal, will determine the site temporary failure, the short term will generally not.

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