A few errors help novice website optimization Shanghai dragon quick start

second points, how to do. There are some main tasks of enterprises or small group distribution is the content update and the chain construction, plus one to two technology ang modification and processing station structure and website program can, is also the editor, the Commissioner of the chain and web technology, three people almost enough to cope with a small the team, but how much do every day update how many content, whether the original, how much the chain, how is the most effective, those are good resources and so on a series of problems.

is currently online showing a lot of profit and rely on Shanghai dragon training institutions and attract talent website, one of the most prominent is the Shanghai dragon why, Shanghai dragon myth and the industry as the forerunner, develop and extend the ability of Shanghai dragon and category, and the optimization theory of Shanghai dragon why everyone has been adopted, at present whether it is online lectures or open courses taught many here first to entering the Shanghai dragon industry novice some suggestions.

third: what time do, I think most people working in the network are the night owl, usually in the evening activities more quiet. But this does not mean that Shanghai dragon Er disease during the day do not work, speaking in front of us, Shanghai dragon is a day and night work occupation, as long as the site is necessary, as long as it can bring a certain chain there is a flow of practice for the site is feasible. As the Shanghai dragon should understand the search engine is the most frequent activities of the time, in addition to a weight high site, love the performance of Shanghai is "every Monday song" love Shanghai twice a week in > ah

for the novice advice: the first point. What to do. Knowing what you do, what is your occupation. Many novice didn’t know their occupation, and even a lot of people do not understand the concept of Shanghai dragon began to engage in tedious work, but in fact these seemingly tedious and boring work, is actually Shanghai Longfeng brick and tile, is also the most basic is the most indispensable part, a good the Shanghai Dragon Team has a set of special arrangements in Shanghai Longfeng division of labor and management. The Shanghai dragon should first understand what they’re doing.

site optimization is a long process, and early Shanghai Longfeng novice said, to a reasonable use of Shanghai dragon skills and skills to operate Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not a day or a few days can quickly see the effect of the operation, it can be said that Shanghai is a dragon engine in a process to fight a protracted war and search, and search engine is the battle of wits in the process and ability of promoting each other. The development of the network, low cost and high efficiency of many enterprises and other Shanghai Longfeng sites have tasted the sweetness of the Shanghai dragon have turned to the operating means to do the brand sales, and even do network marketing. A relatively low input was a relatively high rate of return in the industry, coupled with the network for the Shanghai dragon effect exaggerated propaganda, attracted countless webmasters and web enthusiasts have invested in Shanghai dragon industry force.

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