Analysis of the common misconceptions of nofollow and its real significance for Shanghai Dragon


Nofollow tag label was originally developed by the Babi Corp in 05 years when the nobles mentioned, when the label appears the official explanation is mainly in order to cope with the disaster caused by flooding water garbage chain cheating, that is to say, under the nofollow tab link, search engine spiders will not crawl. Now when someone in the forum or blog when sending a large number of garbage outside the chain, the program can be automatically generated with nofollow tags, and the search engine found that as long as these tags will not on the chain of crawling, can be very good to deal with the garbage outside the chain.

what is the true meaning of this label? I think many people are familiar with the author first is the same, that the weights using the labels we can control the site, you can prevent the label link under received weight, so you can keep the right well again to other links.

first, we give an example, add your site page A, the PR value is 10, and there are ten links in this one page, then we average down on the page every link can be obtained in theory (10/10=1) 1. So if we use the nofollow tags to the five links in the ten links, namely the weight cut five link transfer, so the theory of weight five links to existing on the page can be achieved is 10/5=2, but in fact, the weight of each link on the page for the transfer or 1, the nofollow tag can not control the weight. We can also see the specific diagram below.


first before we start into the theme we need first to understand nofollow tags. I believe that there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng er for this label is not a lot of understanding. As shown below:

so we label for nofollow errors appear exactly where

search engine is not stupid, it will not let you have the opportunity through this label to control weight, ultimately control the page ranking. Simply speaking, although the Nofollow tag will not transfer to the corresponding link weight, but not the weight transfer to another link up.

The use of

this concept have been ingrained in many Shanghai dragon Er concept, the author initially exposed to him also in an article on Links use it to deceive the article. But recently saw an article about Google to found his own point of view turns out to be wrong interpretation of the nofollow tag.

? ?Although

think so, what is the real meaning of the nofollow tag for the optimization of our

The concept of


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