A5 marketing website Robots txt how much do you know

For example: Disal>,

for the website function useful catalogue, useful pages in user experience can get better promotion. But the search engine is concerned, it will cause: the burden of the server, such as: a large number of page comments, there is no value for optimization.

also contains such as: website made pseudo static treatment, then it will shield the dynamic link, avoid the search engines. User login, registration directory directory, useless software download directory, if the static type of site, but also shield the dynamic type of link Disallow: / * *? Why? We give an example:


three: write the details on the note

is a client site above the problems found by love Shanghai included: someone to submit this type of malicious links, but the site itself has no good protection.

speaking, the vast majority of the webmaster understand, here is not to do more than say, do not understand the webmaster, can see the love of Shanghai. Here today said some common, may be a lot of doubt.

: a set of Allow total station capture


love Shanghai included more web site ranking higher? This is that most of the webmaster, it is true. But it is not absolutely true: the low quality of the pages included, will reduce the site’s ranking, which you consider to

? In addition

Robots.txt file, is the general protocol website and search engine for communication, through the Robots protocol settings tell search engines which pages can crawl, which pages can not grasp: on the one hand can do safety protection, it is more important to do optimization, reduce the invalid pages included, improve the site’s ranking effect.

two: what kind of page is not recommended to grab

but in actual operation, most of the site, there are more or less in the lack of the writing, even due to technical errors, but also causing the site to drop right, not included, are a series of problems such as K. For this, A5 marketing, including me, in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis process of customers, often encountered, can be regarded as a common problem with many sites. Today to write this article, is to do a share of the robots.txt protocol, you write on the

if the structure of your site is not very clear, and there is no unnecessary "function" is not recommended to open the whole page, grab the site, on the site as a matter of fact, in the A5 of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, only met a handful of websites, can really do the whole site are allowed to crawl, and don’t do shield. With the rich function, to allow full site capture, is unlikely.


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