Zhang Shengrong what factors website ranking actually let me heartache

this is a little scary, if your site is new sites (within three months) did not change and what impact IP server, if three months after the change, it is not the same, take Zhang Shengrong blog, baidu was abnormal, three months after the change of IP and the influence of the server so, he was almost a month, a snapshot of a Monday times, the correction is not too reliable, but Google is not the same, deliver the goods, which are relatively good, indeed included the return of the. Don’t say love is a little distance away from Shanghai Google, although Google left mainland, Zhang Shengrong think Google will come back, China, a piece of meat so much, could not eat.

server punishment

server replacementIf you

why this is up to the search engine rankings? You can read the time domain name registration and renewal, whether it is new, there is truth, if it is false registration information so to increase the search.

5, domain name registration time

grew up part of the space are using virtual host, or a single telecom. The space access speed of the user determines the bounce rate, not every IDC is so good, a server, a server no one knows he can put the number of stations, as long as no more than broadband can open space to others, no matter how much this server station, as long as the user does not have such complaints, thank goodness. IDC he is not concerned about this server, have edge station, the administrator and the. However, slow down, do not say first search engine punishment, single user will be exposed.

3, the host space stability


4, the host space velocity

the day you find it on the server with edge station, whether you consider changing IP? I do not know if you can think of, replace the server thought website ranking will be affected? Also included snapshot, etc.. Zhang Shengrong suggested in the host space when considering buying the price at the end of the market price, do not buy, the host space is not stable, and customer service service, without buying is that you sell your uncle, is his grandson, can drag on. At present, the IDC industry is very messy, choose a small company IDC you will regret it, choose a large company do not have the capital, no matter where the space is good, the target in two directions, long, we must choose the medium IDC space. Short term dumpster, can run on the line.

what is the host space too much stability? This article said, here is not to say this, but it is important to note that the host is related to the stability, stability, site ranking.24 hour monitoring host space monitor how? If he is not possible, but the software can be. There is also evidence even said IDC space. Not a blogger is narrow-minded, to pave the way, advertising, this blog Chengzhao powerful IDC space business cooperation.

2, IP and the

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