Web site keywords in the home today yesterday fell to do

this time, many webmaster heart is very worried, after all, is optimized to the first page of each site, and when the home a few days, and students to play to the third page, the jumping to slowly climb on the hard site, is a small "shake", especially the love of Shanghai did not make any major revision, such a problem, more attention should be paid.

I know, many people also know that it is love Shanghai search ranking problem, often there will be some unexpected accidents, such as a sudden keyword from the N page to page first, and then two days and completely disappeared; some key words from the first page suddenly disappeared, but after two days again sometimes love; Shanghai site website site to two days again. I doubt my friend of the owners of the site met this situation.

each other’s problems in 90%, has been that love Shanghai, even so, still need to be careful. Next, the >


After we

"how do you do!" I know the webmaster friends website is a "new", launched less than two years, has been in the top three search engine page, occasionally to second pages, the first page is the first time. "I am very surprised, so I want to let you see, in the end is not really!" the webmaster friends in Shanghai, I am in Dalian, sometimes love Shanghai to engage in geographical discrimination, different regions of the same search keywords it sometimes is not the same, but this is entirely consistent with our search results.

screenshot!" the webmaster friends still do not trust, perhaps in the little excitement, love Shanghai in front of the bidding advertising is really too much, from the side that the word heat is not in general, or the friend would not be so excited. I put my computer page zoom 75%, to cut a map. "What do you do?" I’m happy for him, I do not know, anyway, not cheating, within the chain chain content what do every day, occasionally go to the A5 station network contribute, to get high quality outside the chain, but this was all. "I sincerely God helps those who help themselves!" said.

  "I see you

today, a webmaster friends on QQ suddenly sent a message to me, you love Shanghai certain keywords. Open love Shanghai, copy keywords into the search box, then "love Shanghai", over the bidding advertising, ranking the "nail households", and then in the fourth home page, see the friend’s website, "love Shanghai home famous"

however, after less than a week, and I came to the station, then you look at the search keywords, the home can not see, but went to the page third. This is what love Shanghai downtown? Do you want to K the rhythm, I can clearly feel the tension and apprehension of the webmaster. However, we also have a common idea, if your site is not wrong, love Shanghai may sometimes teasing you!

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