The website of Shanghai Longfeng common optimization methods and ideas of soft writing

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second, writing source material according to the daily work to find. No matter what type of articles before writing knowledge and material preparation is necessary, the author often collecting the material before writing is the major industry platform to understand and analyze the latest about Shanghai Longfeng hot topic, when writing to these points, the key is to see if you will dig these the material, can these valuable things together with in our article, we are in a line of site operation and maintenance promotion personnel, contact is also the latest Internet knowledge, every day we are reading, topic exchange every hour and moment to discuss this in our discussion with the development of the Internet industry. For example, recently launched a new love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine page quality white paper, white paper in Shanghai love again The website article is not only to the original is more important to help users reflect the value of positive effect is our purpose in writing.

the integration of resources, we can look at the writing ideas of others, such as A5 or why these stationmaster net Shanghai dragon high weight on the site every day there are a lot of friends in the sharing, we are in the process of reading, you can find the imperceptibly writing inspiration from others in the article, because do Shanghai dragon industry, a lot of each other when the writing point of view we probably look at to understand what is the purpose of writing this article, see more hands-on practice actually optimization articles and not everyone wanted to think not. "

first, Shanghai dragon writing form. We learn composition when the primary school will know, general writing structure is divided into the total score form, total structure, Shanghai dragon articles we can also according to the idea of creation, that is the total writing mode is to write the first paragraph, in part to list a few headings, each small title to write several section of text, why to use this way of writing? Mainly to readers of the consideration, if using a way of writing, the article is very messy, and cannot effectively highlight the theme, add a small title of each segment, and bold display the whole idea of writing, very fluent and clear user reading is also very simple and clear.

as everyone knows, the website optimization process is the webmaster soft writing ability must have, in the soft writing as Shanghai dragon Er common optimization of soft Wen is all contact with most of the Shanghai dragon articles, these articles have described their experiences, some are about upgrading changes of love Shanghai algorithm, some through the love of Shanghai all kinds of love in Shanghai for the white paper analysis the quality requirements and so on, these details we can think is a model for optimization of soft Wen, the Shanghai dragon soft Wen should we carry out the details of what? Well, let’s gossip short continued, into today’s topic, analysis of Shanghai Dragon optimization soft writing style.

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